Sunday, June 26, 2016

What I've been up to while trying to figure out how to use windows 10....

As the title suggests I've been struggling to work out how to use windows 10....that's what happens when you leave your computer unattended for a few weeks ( insert very sad face here! ) I still haven't worked it out and I have now resorted to my little mini laptop and have had to transfer all info over so I can at least do a blog post with photo's as it's still on windows 7.....have I told you how much I HATE WINDOWS TEN!!! Sorry for yelling :( but I'm just a tad upset as windows 10 is absolute crap ( sorry for the language ) the format is hopeless and the design/image is harsh on the eyes and my blog keeps vibrating when I click onto it using windows 10 which makes it hard to stay on that computer long.....anyway enough of my rant lets get onto the fun stuff which is what I've been getting up to in my absence from blog land :)

I've been playing with more triangles....this time I'm trying for a blanket ,will show you more progress photo's later....

I made this gorgeous stitchery for a very special friends birthday ( waves to Ondrea ) and realized I hadn't blogged about it very remiss of me to get on to making one for me as I have an extra hat button to use up......

I also made this for another gorgeous friend "Cheryl" I must say I loved how it turned out and sooo glad I decided to do all the satin stitch on her top as it just made it pop :)

I know I've already shown you a photo of this beautiful bag but I couldn't resist adding it again I'm soooo in love with it :)

I also made two baby blankets for twins as per the mum's request in purple, blue, grey and cream using the same pattern but just varying the pattern design to get two totally different looks but with the same colour way..... and I'm happy to say the mum-to-be was very happy with the end result :)

I also participated in a lovely swap and the only requirement was it had to be a softie and since I've had this bunny pattern begging to be made for a little while I decided to make her up.....but wait I forgot to show you her tutu......

AAhhhh there she is all done up in her fancy tutu ready for a night out on the town :)
Anyway I will really try not to leave it this long again before I blog again unless in it's wisdom window's 10 decides it's going to force itself onto this mini lap top as well MMm hope not as I've missed blogging and my blog :)

Monday, May 9, 2016

I'm back.....finally


I finally finished block four of my “Scandinavian Roses” block by Rosalie Quinlan.


I then started working on block five Smile


Worked a bit more on this stitchery by Leanne Beasley called “Sew, laugh, love” it’s a big one but just lovely to pick up and add a bit more to it every now and then.

I’ve also been working on a couple of crocheted blankets which I’ll try and get a photo of soon, I’m nearly finished a couple of my big long-term projects but you know me I’ve already got my fingers itching to start on a couple of new ones waiting for me in their respective wool bags LOL.


Still working on my Scandinavian inspired ripple blanket, about another 20 – 30 rows and it will be finished….. it’s lovely to work on in the evening with the cooler weather we’re having Smile


Just about to declare this African flower hexie blanket finally finished….I have enough of the grey to maybe squeeze out another two rows worth of flower edgings but just can’t decide if I want to commit to making anymore but knowing me ( a glutton for punishment)  this feeling will soon pass and I’ll decide to go for it LOL….what do you think keep going or stop?? I’ll be back soon with more of what I’ve been up to in my blog absemce over the next week or so Smile