Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Birthday continues…….

This is my final birthday gift that my sister Anne gave to me yesterday


A gorgeous aqua craft trolley from IKEA. I have been wanting one of these since last year when Anne purchased on on our last expedition to IKEA together and have regretted not buying myself one at the time. But this isn’t all Anne got me for my birthday……….


Anne also stocked the trolley with my favourite 4ply wool and crochet hooks as well as some super smooth bamboo needles for me to try out, I can’t wait to start knitting with them. Thanks Anne for my beautiful gift you certainly know how to surprise your sister and put a smile on my face. Smile

Saturday, April 5, 2014

FNWF & More birthday gifts…..& photo bucket???


Friday night saw me sewing this pattern holder together, this one will be for me, finally something just for me Smile I used a new thread to me called Threadworx no: 1090 which was given to me by my fabulous friend Shez in one of our swaps and I have to say it was lovely to work with now to find another project so I can use the green maybe something Christmassy?? Thanks Shez I’ll have to investigate a few more colours in this range.

I also had more birthday gifts arrive later in the week and haven’t been able to take pictures of them till now….


This lovely and thoughtful gift came from Simone, I’ve already put parlon behind the stitchery and collected the DMC threads needed and made myself a little travel kit to take with me to Tassie, lets see how much I can get done while I’m away. Thanks Simone they both brought a smile to my face Smile


These pretties came from Narelle tied up with bakers twine, I just love cottage garden threads so was thrilled when I spotted this one, another to add to my growing collection. and the fabrics are just me to a T Narelle, thankyou for my lovely birthday gift Smile


this final gift was from Michelle, isn’t the card divine! Michelle sent me some Midwinter red fabrics as well as a mini charm pack of it I nearly swooned with giddiness when I spotted this little package of yumminess!!! Then to top it of she also sent me a reel of red ribbon, now I really do need to seriously start thinking about what I’m going to be making with all these gorgeous red fabrics I’ve been sent for my birthday I have decided on a big project which is a star quilt found on the moda bake shop website but I’ve seen it done in red and white and I totally love this version of it now to think of a few small mini projects…..any ideas, suggestions or links would be greatly appreciated Smile

Now I have a question to ask, does anyone know how I can get rid of the  photo bucket image that’s suddenly appeared on my blog today???? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as it’s very annoying to look at when scrolling through my blog as I’m sure it is to you that read it Smile

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Birthday to me :)


This is what greeted me when I went to work this morning…..stuck to the front door! EEEeeekkkkk  was I ever this young?


I was also spoilt with a huge bunch of gorgeous flowers from all the girls I work with at my centre, I felt very, very  spoilt as they also made up a lovely party lunch for me and everyone to enjoy. Thanks girls you certainly made my day!!!

But wait there’s more as I’d decided to leave my present unwrapping till I got home from work tonight and let me say i was again blown away!! I’m in a birthday fat 1/4 swap and the following pictures are what these fabulous girls sent me to celebrate my special day Smile 


For this swap we have a secret partner who is designated your birthday gift maker and Kaylee did not disappoint! A beautiful fabric covered journal ( I think she’s been stalking my blog as how else would she know I have a weakness for journals??) Also a beautifully stitched Babushka doll which is coming to live in my sewing room and a handy pencil case which I think I’ll use to house my special crochet hooks that I use the most….. but wait there’s more! some scummy, yummy red & white fabric now I know she’s been stalking my blog LOL!

Thank you Kaylee I love everything you made and sent me for my birthday Smile


From the lovely Illene I received a selection of very pretty red and white fabrics a s well as a 25cm strip of “Scrumptious” Illene you certainly know the way to my heart and I thank you sincerely for my beautiful fabrics which I’m thinking of using in a special red and white quilt to remember my birthday with.


From Tracee I received these yummy red & white strips, I’m also going to be using these in the special quilt, still wondering if it will be a pieced quilt or have a bit of stitchery or applique in it…..decisions, decisions. Thanks Tracee you can never have to much red and white fabrics in my world.


Now this pretty bundle of lovelies come from the lovely Pat, spoilt again with more delicious red and white goodness! but that’s not all Pat also sent a lovely cottage garden thread called “Geranium” such a pretty delicate colour and I can’t wait to find the perfect project to use it on. Pat also included a small pair of scissors which will be coming with me to Tassie next week as they’re just perfect for travelling with. Thanks Pat I love them all!!


This lovely lot of goodies come from our swap Momma Cheryll and again I was spoilt rotten! some beautiful red and white fabric, a wooden craft keeper as well as DMC thread, quick unpick in my favourite colour red as well as the cutest tape measure ribbon which I think will be used in a couple of pin cushions??? Thanks Cheryll for my fantastic gifts as well as organising this swap you do a marvellous job as swap Momma!!


From Peg I received a selection of red and white fabrics for me to drool over as well as a big box of chocolates which I have to admit are slowly disappearing……don’t know where they’re going?? Peg also made me a journal, I don’t know where people get the idea I love journals??? MMmmm maybe Peg’s been stalking my blog as well, maybe Peg and Kaylee have been stalking in tandem???  All joking aside Thanks Peg for my thoughtful and lovely gifts they certainly brought a smile to my face Smile

I have a few more gifts to show you but I think I’ll save them for tomorrow and another post I don’t want to overload you with too many photo’s in one go. Thanks girls for all my gifts and all the birthday emails I’ve received they’ve brought a huge smile to my face today and I appreciate each and everyone of you Smile

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Friday Night Sew In results……


Friday night saw me nibbling on dip and biscuits with copious amounts of coffee while adding a few more crosses to this cross stitch project I’ve just started, this will hopefully end up in the Christmas box and if I get my act together I may even get it finished before then lol……


Once my eyes started to go a bit cross eyed from the cross stitch I decided to add a few more stitches to another secret squirrel project, ( more full pic’s when my swap partner receives it later in the year) I love how this one is turning out and may just need to trace out another for me. I’ve used cream linen for the background and it is soooooo lovely to work with, the needle just glides through it.

Well I’d better make myself another cuppa and head off in a little bit to see what all the other ladies worked on last night with our virtual sew-in session in blog land, catch ya later…….

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Night Sew In…..


I’ll be joining in with other Friends sewing tonight are you joining in the fun??? There’s still time if you want to join just pop over to Wendy at and put your name down……I’m ready with my dip and biscuits and a cup of coffee or two to get me through the night….see you there!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Christmas through the year…….


I’ve joined in with Anthea over at for Christmas through the year and this is my March finish that I’ve been working on over the past few weeks in-between other projects, work and life…… it’s a pattern designed by Rosalie Quinlan called the “Mauritian Bloom Pattern Holder” and let me tell you all the satin stitching around the border took me hours to complete!! if you want to join in the fun Anthea will be adding a linky to her blog on March 20th so everyone who wants to join in can show what they’ve been working on over the month of March.


Also a little sneaky peak on a secret squirrel project I’ve been working on for one of my upcoming swaps I’ve joined in for this year……….I wonder who this is going to be sent of to????

Sunday, March 9, 2014



I’m thinking this may be one of many stitcheries being framed………love how it looks in its new frame .

Saturday, March 8, 2014

FNWF Results and a couple of finishes…….


Last night saw me working on finishing of the satin stitch and filling in the butterfly bodies on this Leanne Beasley stitchery, now to buy a frame and then into my gift box it will be going.


I also added the last stitches to this embroidery by Rosalie Quinlan I’ve been working on for quite a while, I’m very glad to see the end in sight with this one now to decide on how I want to finish it off…a cushion, a wall hanging MMmmmm decisions, decisions!


I also finished off this baby blanket this week but couldn’t take a proper photo until today after a trip to Spotty for some soft grey ribbon to tie it up with… to wait till Friday so I can surprise the recipient with it, she has no idea I’ve been working on this for her so I hope she likes it Smile


Here it is all nice and pretty with a lovely silky grey ribbon wrapped around it. Well that’s all my show and tell for this week, I’m hoping to have a few more things to show you soon but a couple of them will be secret sewing projects so they’ll be sneaky peek  photo’s and you’ll have to wait for the big reveal later in the year.

Monday, March 3, 2014



Finally finished making up the rest of the squares for this blanket, now to sew them on row by row and then comes the decision on how to finish it off with the edging.


Shez and I exchanged our one on one swap items and this months theme was a mini wall hanging and I added a few little extras to her parcel as well, I think she was happy with what I’d made/given to her just like I loved what she made/gave me.


These are the gorgeous gifts Shez made/gave me in our one on one swap I was sooooo spoilt! and see that vase cover in the back of the picture well Homespun magazine saw it on her blog and asked if they could have a picture of it to put in their magazine in the readers section wooo hooo well done Shez!


This is what I made for the Mill Rosie red swap a project folder…….Kim from 


Here’s Kim with her lucky dip prize, I think she was pretty happy with it Smile


This is the inside……


and these are the little extras I added to fill it up with. I’ll be back soon with more swap pictures later in the week and hopefully this week wont be as busy or as draining as last week lol…….

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mill Rosie photo’s and FNSI Results……


This was just a few of the lovely items made by the clever girls of the Mill Rosie group……


A few more items from our red swap this month, I had to take two photo’s as I couldn’t get all this loveliness into one shot! Aren’t we a clever and talented bunch of ladies!!


I was also VERY spoilt by Sharon of in our one on one swap with this gorgeous weekender bag designed by Amy Butler made using a honeycomb pack of  the new Midwinter red range of fabrics that I just love!

I cannot thank Sharon enough for this beautiful bag  and it will be travelling with me in April as I travel around Tassie for my birthday trip with my sister Anne, it will be put to good use by being filled to the brim with craft projects I can work on while over there and I have a funny feeling Sharon’s blanket will be one of them, crochet is such a portable craft!

Now Sharon understands that she needs to be a  bit patient with me as I’m still working on her crocheted blanket for this swap and I suspect it’s going to take a few more months to get to the finish stage with it but I’m loving how her blanket is turning out I may just have a little bit of difficulty actually giving it up when it’s done  I can just picture me and Sharon having a playful tug of war over it when I present her with it lol….

I’ll post a few more Mill Rosie photo’s  over the next couple of days as I took quite a lot on the day!


Now onto FNSI results and this is what I managed to do while watching a bit of TV, I managed to sew two rows together now to get onto making the other squares so I can finish this and present it to the mum to be before my next hair appointment in March yikes!