Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Antique nine patch

As promised here is the first ever quilt I made.It was made for my niece Madelaine with lots of help and encouragement from her mum (my sister Anne).At times I despaired of ever finishing it,but finish it I did.When I finally went around to show the completed quilt to Anne,I went to flick it out and lay it on the floor to display it and..... you guessed it there came this horrible ripping sound!!! I'd stepped onto the quilt just as I had flicked it and ripped a seam somewhere.After much frantic looking the offending tear was found and lo and behold I learnt another important lesson in quilting "the 1/4 seam".... oooppss,I didn't know about this and of course in my rush and enthusiasm to do a quilt for my niece you guessed it I didn't read the instructions carefully.A very valuable lesson was learnt that day!!!
But as you can see with the help of my sister the quilt was fixed and you'd never guess by looking at it that none of the seams are a 1/4" hehehe.


Jen said...

Barb - your quilt is just gorgeous. Your niece must have loved it. I let out a little gasp when I read about you tearing your quilt. Ouch.

Margarita said...

Beautiful quilt Barb.

Derriere said...

Barb you must have almost cried tearing it!
What a stunning first quilt though, and no I wouldn't know it had been torn/didn't have 1/4" seems unless you told me. In fact If you hadn't said it was your first quilt, I wouldn't have known that either- its so professional looking. Great JOB Barb, its really fantastic.