Monday, September 29, 2008

Christmas Table Runner no:1

This is the first of my five table runners I'm making for Christmas presents this year.I've finished the applique but I still have to add the prairie points around the edges.I'll post another picture when I've added them to the runner/s.


Clair Acres said...

Hey Barb, do you fancy making six of those table runners, cos I'd like to go on your Christmas pressie list!

princess pudge said...

haha snap clair, barb you'll have to make that 7 table runners, i'd love one too!

VoniMum said...

Barb, that is just beautiful. I love your stitching!

Tozz said...

Love it looks very Christmassy :) you do such lovely things.

Derriere said...

I got to see all 5 when I visited barb...if you think this one is great ..just wait til you see the rest!
And Clair and PP ...stand in line ladies...rofl...I saw em first!