Sunday, January 25, 2009

I've been awarded.....

Clare from Clare's craft room has awarded me the "Your blog is fabulous award"
I think it should be called your a slack blogger award as I look at how long it's been since I posted....
To receive this award I need to list five addictions I can't live without.Now don't have fits of laughter when you read my list below,sepecially no.2!

1.Family and friends
2.Chips,coffee and that order
3.All types of craft
4.Cooking up a storm,especially biscuits and cupcakes
5.Reading everything I can get my grubby mitts on,even the back of a cereal box

I also need to list five other blogs to receive this award.So here goes!
I hope this works It's the first time I've put blogs onto my own blog
Well I'm still having trouble putting the blogs onto mine so I'll just have to manually do it.Here are the five I've chosen...


Margarita said...

Why thank you Barb, and congratulations to you, but what happens now.

Debs said...

I feel so humble. Thank you Barb for thinking of me.

Congratulations on winning your award. Well deserved.