Friday, April 8, 2011


Look at what I bought today,doesn't it make you want to go MMMmmm too :)

These balls of wool are going to be turned into another crocheted ripple rug......for me! I haven't crocheted myself a rug for ages and I think these colours are just sooooo yummy I just couldn't leave them in the wool shop Anne and I visited today in Malvern.

I'm really trying to restrain myself from starting on it but I think I may just have to give in and start LOL :)


Quilt Kitty said...

Yummmm Barb! It will be a beautiful rug. I think I need to learn to crochet too. Tracee xx

Penny said...


Wendy said...

ooooh, that's going to be beautiful! How do you crochet a rug? Do you basically crochet a blanket and put it on the floor or is it a different technique to make it thicker? Do I sound thick?

Lisa said...

Love the colours :-) yummmmm is right!!