Sunday, August 10, 2008

PJ Day at work....lets party

On Friday we had PJ day where staff and children came dressed in their pj's for the day.We all had a blast dancing,singing and having a great old time together,with a party atmosphere all day.I was on the early shift so I drove to work in my pj's and dressing gown which wasn't too bad at 6'30 am it was when I finished at 3.30 pm and driving home that I encountered the odd stare and grin from people in the cars next to me when I had to stop for traffic lights,but you know what I didn't care I had a fantastic day!!!Anyway here is a picture of me in my pj's,I hope you don't get scared off......Cover your eyes if you scare easy hehehe.


Cee said...
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Derriere said...

I almost didn't see you Barb under all those delicious looking cupcakes!
Sounds like you had a really fun day !
Love the pic :)

Tozz said...

Barb I just love your jammies :)

I have nominated you for an award so pop over to my blog and see what is what with it :)