Friday, October 3, 2008

thimble pipkin swap '08: no.2

This is the thimble pipkin I made for Bec.I had so much fun making it and the others I did.They certainly are addictive little things...


Clair Acres said...

Why, oh why have I never had you as a swap partner! I think the next swap I go in I'm going to pout and stamp my foot if I don't get you! Beautiful stuff as usual, Barb!

Debi said...

Barb dear,
I am new to your blog. I have read everything you ever posted today!! :D I love it!!
Now I have a couple really silly questions for you dear??!! What exactly is a thimble pipkin?? And what are you using to make them???
I think they are darling... just want to know... how to... and I think you use them to put your thimbles in? (Never heard of them before today.) They are all absolutely adorabe!!!
THank you dear!!

barb's creations said...

Hi Debi,
The thimble pipkins are easy to make.Fiddly but fun.I used template plastic to make them firm and when you squeeze the ends it opens the middle like a mouth to pop your thimble in.Barb.