Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas project:secret sshhhhh.....

My friend Helen and I have been working on this secret project on and off for most of the year for her god daughter for Christmas.
Helen rescued her old dolls pram and her hubby stripped it back and re-varnished it.Then Helen and I began working on making a matress and a quilt for the pram and re-doing the canopy.
It's been a struggle for us to get together lately as Helen's hubby has been very sick in and out of hospital and she hasn't been able to meet with me on our usual monthly sewing time.
Finally the last weekend before Christmas we got together to get everything finshed and put on.I think it turned out lovely and I hope Helen's god-daughter appreciates all the effort and hard work that went into it and off course all the laughter and tears as we worked on it.

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princess pudge said...

oh barb, you and helen have given one little girl a very special gift! what beautiful people.