Sunday, May 3, 2009

Craft Forum Bag Swap....

Have I mentioned lately that I love bags? Well I do I'm a practicing bag-a-holic! and to prove it I entered not one but two bag swaps on two diferent sites I'm a member off.
This first bag is the bag Dawn made me.Isn't it absolutely gorgeous....I love how she has used the braid and lace to enhance the stitchery panel on the bag and her stitching is to die for,so neat and tiny.I feel really blessed to have met so many wonderful people through these kind of swaps.Thank you Dawn for being my swap partner.
I did have fun making your bag ( the 2nd picture with the heart pocket) except for that tiny little incident involving my dog Belle and NO she didn't eat the first bag.... she peed on it! so I hope you like how the second attempt at making your bag turned out.

1 comment:

Vicki ♥ said...

Wow...very lovely and love the colours. You will have a bag for every day of the month soon :)