Monday, October 10, 2016

still here.....what I've been working on

 I've been keeping myself pretty busy the last couple of months.....above is one of the reasons a blanket using 8ply  which I've nearly finished hopefully all will be revealed in a couple of weeks.
 this is another blanket I've been working on, it's the same pattern as the previous picture but using 4ply instead of 8ply....same pattern two totally different looks ☺
 I also finished another baby ripple blanket using grey, white & banana yellow, another one for the baby gift giving basket.
Another finish but this time for me my scandinavian style blanket, this one seems to have taken forever but well worth it I think ☺
I'm busy de-cluttering and rearranging my sewung room into one of our spare bedrooms....hope to have someprogress photos of my new room for you soon 😊


Ondrea said...

Lotza gorgeous crocheting there! LOve the colour ways too. My baby blanket is growing. Just found out today that my grandchild is a boy so I hope the lemon and mauve aren't too sissy.Good luck with your sewing room relocation.

Helen said...

Your work is stunning Barb so clever with your crocheting and colour combinations !

Susan said...

I think I need to go quiet and get some things finished too. Love your blankets, beautiful colours and so beautifully worked. Your Scandinavian one is gorgeous, I'm so glad you're keeping it for yourself.

marina said...

Beautiful crochet projects Barb!
Have fun re arranging your sewing space....