Sunday, October 4, 2009

PIF Goodness .......THANKS CLARE!

Look what arrived in my letter box late last week.A very special PIF surprise from Clare over at Clare's Craft room (on my blog roll).I couldn't wait to tear open the packaging to find this beautiful plaque and other goddies she sent me.
I've only just been able to take a photo as it was too dark when I got home to take one and then when I tried the next day during daylight hours the battery in my camera died and I had to recharge it before I could take them (always the way,isn't it?)
I love sewing (well anything crafty) but I've never attempted making something like this.Clare was a bit worried that because it wasn't something sewn I might have been a bit dissapointed.....far from it!!I appreciate the thought and time that went into the making of it and I don't have anything like it in my sewing room.
Clare also sent with this gorgeous plaque a couple of very pretty fat 1/4's and a lovely 1/2 mtr of blue background fabric with chocolate hearts all over it.I can see me using this in a hexagon stitchery bag I've been working on,maybe the framing of them.....
I just wanted to tell Clare that I LOVE everything she has sent me and to thank her for sending such gorgeous goodies my way.


Tozz said...

Oh are so lucky..Clare sent you some lovely things Barb.

clare's craftroom said...

It was a pleasure to send something to a very special lady !

Quiltin' Sandy said...

What a lovely plaque to grace your sewing room Barb- Yes Clare is such a talented lady!
The hexies are very pretty, I love roses too, but you know I ADORE Angel stitcheries!!!:~)