Monday, March 2, 2015

Sticky salmon with Asian greens….


Sunday dinner last night……looked really good but not too sure about the taste test I found the salmon just a bit too fishy for me but loved the choy sum ( Asian greens ) would attempt this again but with a white fish substitute next try, I must admit it’s nice to get out of my cooking comfort zone by trying new recipes. Smile


Heather S said...

Know what you mean about being too fishy. I only cook salmon for hubby. I like mild tasting white fish.

Cheryl said...

Looks delicious Barb. Great to try some different recipes

Cheryll said...

I love salmon so it's right up my alley... but it's good to try a substitute for recipes...that way you find what's to YOUR taste.
Looked YummY though. xox

Ondrea said...

Bit too fishy? Don't have the fish!What other answer do you expect from a vegetarian hehehehehe. Looks yum though.