Thursday, February 19, 2009

sampler swap block '08: Wild block

As I said in the previous post I've been a slack blogger....The first picture is the block I sent to Jeanette,I hope she liked it? The second picture is the one Elly made for me and I love it.It will go nicely with all my other blocks.
I'm wondering if Elly had as much trouble as I did in making this block? It certainly lived up to its name! It was a block I had to put away ( well if I'm honest,Id tell you that I actually threw it away and buried it under lots of stuff for quite a while.At least till I calmed down enough to try makig it again!)This block was paper pieced and if I never have to do another paper pieced block again it would be too soon!

1 comment:

Tozz said...

The block has turned out beautiful Barb and I was certain you would figure it all out. I did laugh about you tossing it in the corner and burying it heheheh