Monday, February 9, 2009

Secret Santa Honeypot Swap.....It's Finally Arrived!

Thank you,thank you,thank you for my lovely Christmas decorations.Debi my swap partner in this swap all the way from Kansas,America has gone to a lot of trouble for me.First she sent my original parcel last year,yes you heard me right my original parcel somehow went walkabout and never arrived (maybe it took the same roads as Freya my angel doll who took three months before mysteriuosly arriving on my doorstop with no explanation!)Anyway when Debi heard that my swap parcel hadn't arrived this lovely lady went to the trouble of making me up another swap parcel which THANK GOODNESS has arrived safe and sound.I would also like to say thank you to Debi's grand daughter Taryn who made me my original parcels Christmas card I hope one day (I live in hope) that this first parcel arrives only for the fact I would love to see the card she made.
Debi has sent me three stockings,gingerbread man and an angel for my tree.Also santa ear rings and a brooch made up to look like ice skates,I'll certainly be wearing these this year and can't wait to hang these lovely creations on my Christmas tree this year.Again Debi and Taryn thank you so much for all your effort and the trouble you've gone to to make this a very happy belated Christmas for me.


clare said...

Barb it was well worth the wait . What a lovely lady .
clares craftroom

Debs said...

Barb you have been spoilt. How lovely of the lady to send you another parcel.