Sunday, March 22, 2009

#71: fabric journal cover swap

This is the lovely journal Monika made for me in this swap.We must have been thinking along the same lines as I also included a butterfly on her journal.Monika has also crazy quilted(I think that's the right term for it) the journal cover has been done in beautiful pink,blue,green and purple fabrics.Monika has also used various fabrics such as velvet and satin for a totally sensory touch everytime I pick it up.Thank you Monika for being my swap partner,I had a lot of fun making and receiving such a beautiful journal.
The other picture is of the journal I made for Monika and as you can see "SNAP" we were both thinking of butterflies when making for each other.Monika I hope you liked the end result.I had a lot of fun and pleasure thinking and making up your journal cover.

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Tozz said...

The journals both look absolutely fabulous!! Fancy both of you putting butterflies on them?