Saturday, December 27, 2014

Santa sack swap sent and received….


These are al the gorgeous gifts I received from my partner Dasha in the Santa Sack swap, a gorgeous shoe bag with a pretty crocheted flower on the toe of the shoe, a peg apron so I can hang my clothes up look really pretty and swish, a beautiful mug bag I can use to take my coffee cup and supplies with me when I go away and a beautiful little Christmas ornament which makes me think that for next year I’ll need to start looking for a special Christmas tree so I can start hanging all my handmade/friends ornaments on it as I’m getting quite a collection now from the swaps I’ve been participating in over the years.


But wait, I didn’t forget these two I just thought they deserved their own photo! Aren’t they both beautiful, the one on the left is a needle case full of assorted needles and the one on the right it the most scrumptious pin cushion, I’m not too sure what these two styles of stitches are called that Dasha has used but I’m impressed! What a lot of work has gone into the both of them Smile

I want to say a very big THANK YOU! to Dasha for being my swap partner and getting to know her through our emails over the last few months and maybe if things align we’ll be able to meet up one day in real time and have a good old chin wag over a cuppa. Thanks Dasha  and maybe we’ll both get lucky and get paired up again in another swap in 2015???


This is the Santa sack I sent off to Dasha……


Filled with all these goodies…..the final gift for Christmas day was the table runner, just click on the picture and you’ll get a larger shot of everything I sent to Dasha. I’ve heard back from Dasha that she loved everything I sent her so that makes me feel good as I always worry whether my partner will like what I’ve made/bought for them Smile

I also want to thank our swap Momma Cheryll for organising and running this swap you do an amazing job Cheryll making sure all the parcels arrive and no one is left without their swap parcel on Christmas morning (((((HUGS)))))


Christine M said...

So many beautiful gifts, both sent and received, Barb. You're right about the needle case and pin cushion deserving their own photo. What beautiful stitching.

Dasha said...

Thank you Barb for your sweet comments. xxx db

Jo said...

Nice gifts. There are so many different ideas that everyone has made. You need to start now to be on top of it for next year

Karen S said...

Wonderful gifts. Such lovely work.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Received and sent are both fantastic xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb love your gifts from Dasha,love them all,enjoy my friend.xx

barbara woods said...

love them all, great job!