Friday, June 27, 2008


I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the girls on the forum I post in.It was nice to come onto the blog and see the lovely comments you left.You have no idea how much your friendship and support has meant to me over the last few months.I really appreciate that when I have a question someone will have the answer or know someone else who may. So girls THANK YOU!

I'm a bagaholic....and proud of it!!!

These are a few of the bags I've made over the last couple of years.I admit it I can't go past a bag pattern without drooling.... Somehow the patterns always seem to find their way into my hot little hands and next thing I know another bag has joined "Bagaholics Anonymous" (situated in my sewing room) This enables me to get a bag fix everytime I walk into it!The only problem is there isn't enough hours in the day to make all the patterns I've accumulated over the years,but... I'm giving it a damn good try.

I love to make dolls!!

These are a few of the dolls I've made over the last couple of years for my sister either for her birthday or as christmas presents.I was finally able to take some photo's when at her home recently and thought I'd put them onto my blog.Remember note to self:always take photo's of finished items before giving away!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

my first attempts at patchwork

These are the 2nd and 3rd attempts at patchwork quilts.They were made with love for two of my nephews,my first attempt was for there sister Madelaine(will put photo up when I can).Christopher's quilt is "Matildas Station"and was all applique(did I mention I loooove Applique) and Andrew's was a pieced quilt I re-labelled "the quilt from hell" as it was a block of the month and when I finally got around to making it a year later I discovered the material sent wasn't adequate and not the right size for cutting purposes and the shop had closed down etc...But I perservered and VOILA.....

pincushion swap

This is a photo of the lovely pincushion I received from Tozz (Vicki).It is bueatifully embroidered on the front and she has also attatched a needlebook underneath it,how clever.... Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the one I made for her.Must remember to always take photo of items as soon as they're finshed!

creative ladies

Hi girls,
This is my first attempt at putting photo's on my blogspot.Hope they work out.
Well here goes.....
Here are the photo's of the swap items I received from Shopperde24 and Pappillon.
The blue teatowel is from Shopperdeb24 and the green teatowel is from Papillon.Aren't they just bueatiful,I am one lucky lady to have such talented ladies making me such great swap items!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mini cup cake swap

These are the cornucopias I made for Shopperdeb24 and Papillon

First swap! of my first swap. The flying geese bag was made for me by stitched up and I made the striped bag for her.