Tuesday, October 17, 2017


 I finally finished my scarf, spent the last couple of days blocking it and I have to say I'm pretty happy with how its turned out..... all ready for me to wear while I'm in America, I'm flying out Friday so I was cutting it very close ☺
 love the colours, the diferent styles of squares I used and I can't wait to wear it ☺

Monday, September 25, 2017

More photos......

A pretty  collage with a picture of the sscarf that inspired me to try and make my own version of it ☺

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Finally back !!

 A project that has been taking up a  lot of my time are these squares which will eventually turn into a scarf for me ☺ I'm using perle 8 cotton with a size 1.5 hook.
 Gradually making more & more.....
 Becoming larger with each round worked.....
 Now comes the time to sew in the thoussands of ends...... why oh why did I not sew them in after each round like I'd normally do 😥 hopefully I'll have a photo of the finished scarf real soon.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Bloggers meet up..... I'll let the photos do the talking

I had a blast catching up with these lovely ladies and can't wait for our next meet up in August ☺

Sunday, May 14, 2017

April..... in photos and a bit of chatter

 April saw me celebrate another birthd.......my gorgeous friend Ondrea made me this beautiful stitchery which now has pride of place in my bedroom.....totally, totally spoilt!! Thanks Ondrea ☺
Another equally gorgeous friend Shez gave me this yummy bundle of goodies..... so, so, so love everything! I especially love the passport holder and can't wait to put it to use when I head off o my first overseas holiday later this year, thanks sooo much Shez ☺
 My eaqually beautiful sister Anne who knows me so well ( maybe too wel lol ) gave me all the delicious goodies in the above photo, I have been dying to try out these caron cakes ewhen spotlight brought them out but I've been on a yarn diet this year till I go on my holiday so I've resisted temptation and was rewarded with two from Anne in the colourway blueberry, now to decide on which pattern I want to use them on ☺ thanks so much Anne!!

I also received a beautifully stitched project folder from my friend Cheryl, just look at all the work that has gone into this gift...... feeling very, very spoilt my friend. Thank you so much for making me feel so special on my birthday☺
 Anotheer birthday was also celebratedd by my father who turned 90 three days after mine, Anne & I went home to help him celebrate this milestone as well as family and friends including his great grand daughter Connie pictured with him above ☺
 A small celebration, but just right for our dad who isn't into fuss so we secretly planned this all in one day and he had no inkling whatsoever  lol☺
I've also been busy with a new project using perle 8 cotton and a 1.5 hook, so tiny compared to the hook sizes I usually use, this will eventually turn into a scarf ☺
Here's a close up of the squares after two rounds in each colour......
 I also had a finish with another baby blanket done in big baby 4ply acrylic....
 I've also been working on and off on this project, I can finally see the end in sight with this one......

 Another rainbow ripple bbaby blanket being worked on.....loving these colours together ☺
I've also nearly finished this ripple blanket using 8ply stylecraft special dk, so diferent to the perle 8 cotton I've been working with lately ☺ so as you can see I've been keeping myself very busy while my blog has been quiet but I'll be posting again soon with more of what I've been doing/working on ☺

Sunday, March 12, 2017

I'm back finally.....lots of firsts happening here!!

 I've been very busy while I've been absent on my blog making premmie baby beanies for a friend to donate to one of our local hospitals....
 I also finally took my courage in both hands and attempted a "call the midwife" blanket using a soft variegated 4 ply....
 I love how the light flickers over the blanket picking up the different colours...
 Here is a picture of my last lot of premmie beanies which have been delivered and I'm now working on my next lot to give in May 😀
 This is another first for me a pixelated fox cushion I made for my sister for Christmas, l can see another being made for me soon...

 I've also been working on this beauty a blanket called "granny goes large" designed by Cherry heart blog fame, this is such a delight to pick up and work on in-between other projects....
 I also made my first crocheted shawl called "Angel wings" designed by Sue Pinner, it's just gorgeous and I can't wait to wear it this winter hopefully I wont look too much like a crocheting nana lol..

 I've also been stitching for swaps
Another swap item, love the fanric in this one 😀
well thats a little pictorial of what's been keeping me busy over the last few months, I've also just been taking some me time to relax, de-clutter & and work on setting up my new sewing room which I'm enjoying very much. Sooo no promises on when I'll be posting again but it will happen when I have more projects  I want to share with you all 😀