Saturday, August 31, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy.....

 I finally finished the last bag of squares for my sister Anne's blanket now comes the fun part of sewing in all those ends...... I think this will be done one bag at a time while I'm watching TV at night or maybe taking a bag or two to work with me to work on over my lunch breaks, I can't wait to see this one made up with a bit of a fancy edge :) I can see it being finished by Christmas now!
 This is another blanket I've been slowly plodding along on, not my usual colours but the expectant mum wanted neutral colours so neutral it is, this one is also working up quickly and I hope to have it finished by the middle of November before her bub's due :)
 I know, I know.....another baby blanket being worked on what can I say my work place seems to be exploding with bub's at the moment and I have another two I'll be starting in another month or so as soon as the mum's find out what they're having and tell me what colours/patterns they'd like for their new additions. I'm certainly keeping my crochet hook smoking at the moment lol....
Here are both blankets, the blue and white ripple blanket is slightly bigger than the neutral one as the expectant mum asked if I could make it bigger and I was happy to oblige :)
I've also been working on some secret sewing so can't show you what else I've working on, hopefully by the end of September I'll be able to show you these items. I've also been working on a couple of crocheted blankets for me when I need a break from working on the baby ones, boy you'd think I don't sleep with all the things I've been churning out lately, hope to post more pic's soon :)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

AAaaahhhhh Saturday!

 Nothing beats baking on a Saturday......two date and nut rolls, one heading of to my sister's the other to be sliced up and added to my freezer. The other a ginger cake from the lovely Fiona of thanks Fiona it turned out beautifully :)
Now to sit with a frothy cuppa and a slice of ginger cake MMMmmmm.......maybe a bit of hooky happening as well

Friday, August 23, 2013

Celebration Swap, fat 1/4 swaps and fat 1/4 birthday swaps....phew!

 For the Celebration swap my lovely partner Leanne sent me this gorgeous spring stitchery and fabrics.....wasn't I spoilt! Love the stitchery now to think about what I want to make it into and incorporate the fabrics Leanne sent along with them....MMMmmm maybe a block keeper or a cushion???? will have to think a bit before I decide what to do with all these lovely goodies. Thanks Leanne I love everything you made and sent me :)
 This is the spring stitchery I made up for Leanne, but naughty me forgot to add any fabrics so I'll be sending some of with Leanne's birthday gift later next month, the stitchery is designed by Kaaren from  she has some lovely freebies on her blog if you want to go over and have a look :)
 I'm also involved in a couple of fat 1/4 swaps and last month I swapped with LeAnnne and she sent me the beautiful red and white fabrics on the left for July and the fabric on the right are from Maryanne for our August swap. A big thank you to both ladies as they will go beautifully with the others in my stash that I'm collecting for a special quilt :)
 These yummy spotty fat 1/4's and threads went to Sharon for her birthday this month :)
 and these pretties went off to Heather for her birthday as well :)
These are the fat 1/4's I sent to LeAnne for July's fat 1/4 swap and I know she's received them and liked what I sent her :) I'm a bit like Maryanne and forgot to take a photo of the fat 1/4's I sent her but I know she's received them and liked them as well so all's good with the swaps I'm in and I'm now up to date and ready for next months commitments lol :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

FNSI Results....

 Last night I worked on a few rows of this baby ripple blanket, better get a hurry on as the bub is due in October!
I then started working on this when my hand got too tired to crochet and added a few more stitches, hope to get this block finished real soon and start on another one :)
What did you get up to last night??? I'll be popping around to all the other blogs that joined in when I get back from the dreaded grocery shopping run this morning.......

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Finishes for August....

 I finally finished the last four bon bon stitcheries and put them together, so that makes a total of eight and another project of my UFO list :)
I finished stitching this candle mat and finally found some time to put it together this morning, this one is going into the Christmas gift basket. I have another one of these traced out and ready to work on and this one when I finish it will be for me :) I have three more finishes but as they are secret sewing for a couple of swaps I'm in you'll have to wait for full disclosure pictures till the middle of September as I don't want to spoil the surprise for my partners.......
What Christmas items are you working on at the moment, are you like me and love to work on Christmas projects throughout the year?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

FNWF Results....

Friday night saw me stitching some more of my Rosalie Quinlan "It's a red work Christmas" BOM as well as alternating with crocheting some more blocks for my sisters blanket but bloggers not playing nicely today and wont let me upload that photo :( 
I've been really tired lately so I haven't been a very good blogger in regards to answering my comments for the last couple of post so I'll apologise for my slackness and try and do better but no promises as life is certainly getting in the way of fun lately as well as it being winter which I hate with a passion.....bring on summer and the warmer weather I say as I am sooooo over winter!! :)