Monday, April 25, 2011

More finishes.....

I finished the last few rows on another knitted scarf and stitched the borders on this months Birdie block yesterday and finally was able to take some pics to post here.I still have enough wool for another 5 scarves so have cast on two more to work on over the next few weeks during my lunch breaks at work.I can't wait for next months Birdie....bring on May I say!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


It's been a looong time since I last posted but uni assignments,work and other life things have got in the way but I still managed to squeeze a bit of crafting into my time and finished up three little onesies for a friend who's having a bub very soon.I used some of the applique shape patterns out of Annie Down's book "A boys story" to decorate the front of them.

I also have a couple of more things I've been working on and hope to have them finished soon,I'll post pic's when they're done and dusted.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter break.....I certainly am because now I can craft to my hearts content till I get onto my next uni assignment but I think that can wait till after the Easter break as I need some me time craft therapy!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

More OPAM finishes.....

While tidying up my sewing room I discovered a basket full of wool I'd intended with all good intentions to make scarves out of them,started on a couple and then put them away and forgot about them unfinished sooooo here's two of them finished and another one or six (I don't want to admit how many lol) still to be knitted.More for my gift box which is starting to look very full.

I also finished of three knitted dish cloths for myself.I've loved using them over the past few months and now I have a lovely selection I can change them over even more more smelly dish cloths in my house lol :)

Friday, April 8, 2011


Look at what I bought today,doesn't it make you want to go MMMmmm too :)

These balls of wool are going to be turned into another crocheted ripple rug......for me! I haven't crocheted myself a rug for ages and I think these colours are just sooooo yummy I just couldn't leave them in the wool shop Anne and I visited today in Malvern.

I'm really trying to restrain myself from starting on it but I think I may just have to give in and start LOL :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

1st OPAM for April....

I finally finished the ripple rug I've been working on over the last few weeks and I had enough wool leftover to start on another,as you can see by the photo's I've already started the next rug,this second ripple rug will be put in my gift box.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

More Birthday surprises....

Here are the extra photo's I promised you from my birthday on Friday.......My sister Anne came around Friday afternoon and we spent a lovely time sitting,knitting and crocheting together while drinking coffe and eating yummy freshly made sandwhiches for our lunch.

I was thoroughly spoilt by her as you can see by the pictures! Anne creates awesome things with her hands and her sewing machine and I feel reallly blessed to be the recipiant of such gorgeous creations!!! Thanks Anne I love them!

Anne also made me some very pretty knitted dish cloths which are now sitting in a rainbow coloured pile near my kitchen sink waiting to be used.I love the feel of knitted dish cloths and they're great to use as well.

The cushion is now sitting on my bed and the table runner is soon to be residing on my blanket box near my couch in the lounge where I sit of an evening.

The lovely plates all came from a beautiful shop called "Lost and Found" speciallising in vintage 2nd hand things.... We visited it a little while back on one of our Friday jaunts and I fell in love with it.I think another trip in the not too distant future may need to be arranges LOL.....what do you think Anne???

Friday, April 1, 2011

Birthday warned,picture heavy!!

I love my birthday...even if it is on April fools day LOL! Usually I'm at work and I alwyays get a pinch and a punch for the first of the month or all those April fools jokes played on me but not today because it's Friday and I'm not at work,I'm at home relaxing and enjoying my birthday.

I've been receiving parcels in the mail from my fat 1/4 birthday swap partners for the past week and a half and I've been really,reeeaallly good and not opened any of them till today...although I will confess to a little squeeze and (gentle) shaking of each parcel as it arrived.

I want to thank Maree for organising this swap,it's the 2nd year I've participated and I'm loving it! Thanks to my swap partners Jan.Sandy,Carol and Natalie for all my gorgeous fabric and the lovely extras you popped in to make my day soooo special.I've included some photo's of all the goodies I opened up today from these lovely women.

I also received a parcel from my friend Ondrea which had the cuteset little wooden lady bug,if you look at the pin holder photo you'll see it sitting on top,the pin holder is just beautiful...I love the hexi on top.Ondrea also sent me a beautiful lady bug fold up bag that I can attatch to my handbag.Thanks Ondrea I love them all!

I have been thoroughly spoilt and then to top it off another parcel arrived today from my craft forum birthday swap,fabric good enough to eat,just looking at it makes me hungry for cake lol.I also received some pretty buttons and lace.

As I said I've been thoroughly spoilt but this isn't all the photo's I wanted to show you but blogger wont let me load up all the ones I want so I'll do another post tomorrow with the rest of all my birthday goodies.