Monday, May 20, 2013

FNSI Results...

Friday night found me working on this crocheted blanket, finally finishing it off and sewing in the  ends. I must confess I also started a new crochet project as well Friday night LOL I'll show you a pic of my new project once I get a few more rows done :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Celebrate swap....Mother's day

 These are the beautiful swap items I received from Leanne in the Let's Celebrate "Mother's day" swap. A gorgeous handmade pincushion, pretty fat 1/4's and buttons in my favourite colour-way! Thanks Leanne I loved everything you sent me for this swap and can't wait for the next parcel to be winging it's way between us :)
 These are what I sent to Leanne in the swap, I also sent a bag of choccies for Leanne's children so they wouldn't feel left out. Leanne has said she loves everything I sent her as well so now it's just a waiting game for the next parcel instalment to be readied for posting off......I've really loved this swap so far and can't wait to start collecting/making for the next parcel :)
I spent mother's day in my pj's and baked up a storm making a big batch of cranberry and white chocolate biscuits MMMmmmmm of course some have been eaten already, you know you have to have a taste test before you let anyone else have a bite LOL just in case they're horrible :)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Psssstttt.....secret stitching and other things

 I've been working on some secret stitching and this is all I can show you till I give it to my swap partner......MMmmmm I wonder who that could be?
 I've also put the border onto this Christmas stitchery, I just need to add the backing and sleeve and it's ready for the Christmas box :)
 While keeping busy I've also been working on this baby blanket during my lunch times at work, I'm onto the final ball of wool and just need to decide to leave as is or add a border to finish it off a bit more what do you think?
Here's a close up of the pattern, very pretty and simple repetitive stitch so relaxing to work on :)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mill Rosie meet up, Swaps & what I've been working on.....

 On Sunday I got to meet up with Ondrea at Mill Rose in Ballan, we had a great time catching up, shopping and eating yummy food......
 Ondrea was on a retreat with her quilting group and when I heard she was stopping off at Mill Rose I couldn't wait to see if we could make a time to catch up as we haven't seen each other for a couple of years except through our blogs and emails..... it was soooo nice to be able to sit and chat and help her spend her money LOL hehehehe, I must admit I came away with a few things as well :)
Hopefully we'll try and make it not so long for our next meet up which may involve a weekend up Ondrea's way for hubby and me, I can't wait!! :)
 This is what I sent to Kaye in the colour swap, Kaye had chosen red as her colour and you know me I have LoTs and LoTs of red fabric and bits and pieces....I borrowed the above photo from kaye's blog :)
1. For the smelly parcel I gave Kaye 2 strawberry body shop soaps which I wrapped in Red Brolley ( Bronwyn Hayes ) downloadable paper, so cute!
2. Something for a room in the house I chose the sewing room and sent fat 1/4's, cottage garden & cosmo threads, ribbon as well as a red & white pincushion.
3. The something to eat part I sent a red & white mug filled with red raspberries and Turkish delight tim tam's.
4. For the handmade parcel I made a red crocheted scarf :)
 Here is a better picture of the red scarf, it turned out really long perfect to wrap around your neck a couple of times. I've started on another one for my assistant at work as she fell in love with Kaye's one while I worked on it over my lunch breaks so expect another one turning up soon in a new blog post :)
I've also been working on this snowflake blanket and have enough squares to make up another couple of rows, hope to have picture update soon....My goodness my elves have been working overtime lately LOL!

Saturday, May 4, 2013


 I decided to work on these crocheted squares last nigh for FNWF's.....
 Adding a white edge......This picture shows the true colour of the green I used, very pretty :)
 And joining together the first row of a baby blanket I've been working on over April.
 I received these gorgeous fat 1/4's, threads and buttons from Arlene for my birthday, Arlene's first parcel to me went missing in the post so she very kindly resent another birthday parcel off to me....thanks Arlene I loved everything you sent me :)
This parcel was posted off this morning to my celebrate swap partner Leanne.....I hope she likes what I've parcelled up for her for this months swap :)
I'll do another post tomorrow with the items I sent to my secret swap partner Kaye for the colour swap I participated in now that she's let me know it's reached her :)