Saturday, June 30, 2012

I almost forgot.....Our bloggers meet

Vanessa and I first met through the fat 1/4 swap we're both in and after being partners discovered that we lived really close to each other and from their our friendship began.
This is me and vanessa on friday ( don't look at the time on the pic,I did the time the day before and forgot to update camera syndrome) after demollishing mini muffins at a cafe near where we both live,I hailed a very nice passing waiter who obliged after looking a bit puzzled LOL and he took a photo of the two of us........
OoOohh my goodness I need to get my hair done sooOOoo bad! It was lovely to meet up with vanessa again and hear what we've both  been up to since last we met up and we've already planned our next meet up and I can't wait!!
It was lovely to be able to just relax and sit and chat for a while before life took over again......see you in a few weeks Vanessa :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Santa sack swap and other photo's

 This is the gogeous santa sack I received from my swap partner Cheryl ( no blog ) doesn't it just make you wish Christmas was here already :) I LOVE IT!! it is soooo me Cheryl!! The two parcles that arrived with it have already been squished,sniffed and shaken and now they safely reside inside my santa sack waiting for December to arrive.....Come on Christmas!!
 Thanks Cheryl,I'll be posting yours off next week after you're back from your holiday,I hope it's turning out to be a lovely time away for you and your family.
 I've also been busy finishing off this blanket I started a little while ago using up the leftover wool from my baby ripple blanket....I love how it's turned out!
 All neatly folded....I just used a 6 treble stitch and one dc stitch for my blue edging as I didn't want it to overpower the effect of the blankets simplicity....
MMmm now what will this extra square turn itno???? I still had enough wool to make up six squares from each colour so thought I'd turn them into a cushion cover,just need to do the back and then this one will be a finish as well.
I'll be back tomorrow with more photo's of a special meeting that took place today so keep a look out for it :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

FNSI results.....

 Remember these squares well two blocks of squares are now sewn together and another two stacks of  squares are ready to be put together and added to this block.....I'm loving how my wool scraps aren't being wasted :) Ths is what I worked on during Friday and into the evening,it's amazing how much you can achieve when you put your mind to it!
 I also wanted to thank Wendy for my lovely Barbara Brackman turnover and reel of ribbon for my birthday.....I'm glad to hear you also liked what I sent for your birthday as well :
These teatowels are hopefully going to turn into my new kitchen curtains....these will look very pretty just above my sink,a nice distraction from the dirty dishes piling up lol :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Santa sack swap..... a little peek

This little peek is for Cheryl (no blog) my partner in the santa sack swap........I finally found a pattern for her stocking now I just need to stitch it up and start filling it with pressies.I'll post more progress photo's over the next week or so :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

What to do with scraps???

 I started with these which turned into.....
 These which turned into.......
This,my first block for another crocheted baby blanket.I just can't stand waste so thought I'd use up the leftover wool from the ripple blanket in my previous post.
I only have five more blocks to make and then it will be finished,they're coming together quite quickly.....I think three blocks by three will be just the right size for a bub to snuggle under on a cold day :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

First finish for June....

 Remember me showing you this a few weeks ago.....well it's ready to head off to it's new owner.....just have to wait for him to be born first lol.
Here it is all neatly folded waiting to be wrapped up :)
I have some wool leftover from this ripple blanket  and I have to admit I've already started on my next blanket,I can't stand idle hands and it will be something I can work on when watching tv at night.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My never ending Birthday......

 These gorgeous fabrics,lace and thread were given to me by the lovely Vanessa,we caught up for a cuppa and a chat the Friday before as we live real close and have been promising to catch up since we swapped last year in Cathy's fat 1/4 swap but time and other commitments got in the way lol.
I must say it was lovely to sit and chat and find out about each other,our interests,family etc.... I hope it's not another year before we catch up again Vanessa,I'll send you an email and hopefully we can catch up for another cuppa and chat in the next week or so????
 This is another unexpected birthday surprise I received in the mail from Raelene,it's now safely put away with my other reds......Thanks Raelene! I tried emailing you but it kept bouncing back to me,I hope you like what I sent for your birthday :)
And the Birthday goodies just keep on was from Sharon who included an extra 2 fat 1/4's with the swap we were partnered in as well as some yummy red thread and spools of ribbons.Thanks Sharon I loved the red and white combo :)

I must admit it was nice recieving all these scrummy goodies as well as meeting up with Vanessa as the past week or so has been very trying with work commitments,studying my butt off & trouble with my car etc......but these unexpected parcels and a catch up with a new friend somehow made everything feel ok :)