Friday, March 29, 2013


 This is the lovely bag my swap partner Leanne sent me in the celebrate swap,sooooo cute! LOve the appliqued bunny bag!and the little bunny sitting beside the bag is holding my easter eggs but I have to confess they're nearly all gone now and they were yummy!! Thanks Leanne I love everything you sent me :)
 And this is what I sent to Leanne,a Rosalie Quinlan design that I've been itching to stitch  for a little while now and I filled it with.....
 This bag of mixed chocolate easter eggs as I knew Leanne had children  and I thought they might want a few as well so more to go around,Leanne has told me she did manage to snaffle a couple for herself :) I've loved this swap and can't wait for the next part so I can send of another special something to Leanne :)
 This is what the lovely Maureen (no blog) sent to me in the fat 1/4 swap aren't thy gorgeous and soooo me!! LOve the pretty bird tag and it's now being used on one of my baskets in my sewing room.Thanks Maureen I've loved having you for my partner this month and hopefully we'll get to swap again soon :)
 And this is what I sent to Maureen,I picked the fabrics up at my Urban stitches day as the fabric I ordered for Maureen still hadn't arrived and I had told Maureen I'd pick some then if it hadn't as I didn't want to be late getting her fat 1/4's to her and by all accounts she was pleased with my selection,it was uncanny how alike we were in the things we liked,fabric,lady bugs etc....  :)
This is what I sent to Helen.P for her birthday this month I haven't heard back from her yet but I hope she liked what I sent her,these fabrics just made me smile :)
Well I'm off to visit the folks this Easter so I'll be a bit quiet hehehhe not like me at all! and I'll catch up with you when I get back.I hope everyone has a safe and happy Easter :) Barb.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

What I've been up to....

 I've been slowly working on putting these blocks together....four blocks each row,two rows done and sewn together so it's now half finished.Another eight blocks to add on and then I can sit down and work on the border trim,maybe over the easter break?? I love how this big blanket is looking :)
I've also finished my 14 blocks for the 9 patch block swap I'm to get April's blocks ready to work on :)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

GIVEAWAY WINNER.....but wait there's more!!

 Drum roll please......the giveaway winner of Rosalie Quinlan's book,fat 1/4's and threads is........
 Yvonne.W from  Congratulations Yvonne! If you can send me your snail mail details I'll get your parcel of to you sometime next week :)
 Now for the 2nd place winner........ Susan from Congratulations Susan! I'll be sending you a little surprise in the mail sometime next week as soon as I hear from you with your snail mail addy :)
And the 3rd place winner is Cheryl from Congraulations Cheryl! I'll be sending you a surprise as well as soon as I hear back from you with your snail mail addy :)
I've sent these three lucky winners an girls send me your snail mail addy's and I'll send of your winnings! :) Barb.

Monday, March 18, 2013


 This giveaway is open to everyone,I'll post anywhere in the world.
I'll be giving away this book by Rosalie Quinlan that I picked up from my time at Urban Stitches yesterday as well as four yummy fat quarters and some seasons cosmo varigated threads.

Just a couple of rules....for one chance leave a comment,if you're already a follower just let me know by leaving another comment telling me so and you'll get an extra two chances in the draw,become a new follower of my blog and you'll also get an extra two chances as well. :)
 Here are some pictures of a few of the lovely designs in this book.....I've already made a couple of these hearts up,very easy but oh soooo pretty :)
 More pretty things to make.....
I love this bag,so sweet.....
I'll be leaving this giveaway open till Friday 22nd March and will announce the winner Saturday :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013


 This is what I got up to on saturday........An early birthday gift from my sister Anne!
 A day filled with like minded women............beautiful displays,sharing time with my sister Anne,talking,laughter,cake,coffee and a scrummy lunch what more could a girl want in a day out!
 Gorgeous and generous designers..............on the round table in front are some of the goodies that were in our goody bags,all of them were kits so we could start on anyone of them on the day!
 More displays to feast the eyes on................I soooo wanted to take this tree home with me! and I loved the little bird in the cage too,must source this pattern out soon.
 and more..................sensory overload at its best!!
 and even more............soooo fell in love with these softies.
 This is the project I decided to work on while at the event........A design by Melly & Me.
 A picture of how far I got on the day.....
A close up of the cute ladybird,boy did I go cross eyed trying to satin stitch his dots lol,Melly kindly came over and showed us an easier way to get perfect bad I'd already finished mine by then lol.
I'll have more photo's to show you later as well as a little giveaway with something I got from the show that cost me nothing as it was a freebie with my purchases for the day but something I already have but you might swing by here tomorrow night and see what's on offer,there also may be a couple of bits & bobs thrown in with it as well from the days purchases :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Prep work and Fat 1/4 swap

 Remember my last post when I showed you this pile of gorgeous fabrics well I worked on it a bit Monday and turned it into...... how it's looking and I've cut enough fabric to make two so one down and one to go,maybe this weekend sometime :)
I also received these gorgeous fabrics from Maureen in our fat 1/4 swap,I'm still waiting for her fabrics to arrive so I'll post a pic as soon as Maureen receives them.I just want to thank Maureen for my gorgeous fabrics as well as the lovely tag with it's silver bling it certainly brightened up my week :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Long weekend......

My long weekend started off vey slowly with me being a bit under the weather Friday but I managed to pick up by late Saturday to start working on a few projects,some secret some not....
 I've been slowly working my way through these balls of wool to make up more of these crocheted blocks and no you're not seeing the same blanket this one is being made with all the leftover balls of wool from the baby blanket I made for a friend at work,I just decided to make myself one in these pretty blocks done,seven still to do just needing the final cream around each square......then I'll decide if it needs to be bigger or leave as is :)
 I found this unfinished rectangle in my basket of wool all that needed doing was to finish crocheting the scalloped edge around it.....still not sure if to leave it like this and use it for a bedside table runner or crochet a back and make it into a cushion??? what do you think? I love to use all my scraps whether it's wool or fabric......
 I finally finished block two and sat and sewed on the borders last night and then ironed block three ready to sit and sew.....
 I couldn't resist and started working on it last night,it's so theraputic to sit and sew while watching a movie at night,hopefully this block wont take as long to complete as block two did I don't know why but I struggled to finish that block just glad to have it done and dusted so I can move on :)

 I'm also working on a couple of Christmas gifts for the gift basket so have been doing a bit of prep work,as usual all scraps from my Christmas scrap basket,will show you a pic when it's done :)
For everyone who left comments on my last post yes I did enjoy my motorbike ride with hubby but will try to work it for a Saturday so I can rest on Sunday before heading back to work as I was totally stuffed by the time we got back from Daylesford lol but their definately will be a next time :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Guess what I'll be doing today?

 Totally out of character for me.....
But I'm willing to give it a go...guess where I'll be going today wearing this and all the other safety gear that goes with it?

Saturday, March 2, 2013

FNWF Results....

Last night I worked on this Christmas stitchery,just a little more stitching and then I can make it into a weekend is a long weekend for us here in Victoria so I'll be trying to get a few more things ready and have a put-together/finish wekend I think and this stitchery is already on the list and then into the Christmas gift basket it will be going :)