Tuesday, July 30, 2013

OPAM, Craft show & Friends in stitches.....

 Finally finished putting these Christmas Bon Bon's together, I just have four more to stitch up and then they can be put together as well.....so four more finishes for OPAM this month.....just under the wire!
 I also went to the Craft show on Friday and these are just a few things I brought home with me, I haven't put everything here as some of the things I bought are being sent for a couple of swaps I'm in and need to be secret for a little longer.....I was really excited to buy the new line by Bonnie & Camille "Scrumptious" it certainly lives up to it's name!
 Then Saturday I attended "Friends in Stitches" at the Novotel in Glen Waverly and was lucky enough to be able to get a photo with Leanne Beasley one of the designers for the day as well as sit and sew with my sister Anne :) I had a ball!!
 Here's Anne trying to stitch while I'm trying to chatter, stitch and take photo's lol....
 I met up with another bloggy buddy Shez of http://shez-enjoyinglife.blogspot.com/ she always makes me smile and I always have a great time when stitching with her :)
 This is part of our table, (L to R) Pam, Shez and Claire........
 this is Sharon from http://lilabellelane.blogspot.com/ finally managed to get a photo of her face even if it is looking down lol.....
I love Sharon's version of Rosalie Quinlan's new BOM  "Best friends Forever" Shaz has used the new line "Scrumptious" and it looks divine! I have this BOM but wont start it till I can access larger lengths of Scrumptious  which wont be till later in the year :)
Lets just say by Sunday I was one very tired stitcher! I have more photo's but I'll do another post with more photo's later in the week when I have a bit more time and I'm not so tired :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Finally a finish for July!

 Finally I can say I have a finish  for July OPAM Woop, Woop. I finished one of my journals today, I still have  a few more to finish off but they'll have to wait till after the show and a visit to the lace man as I couldn't find any of the eyelet lace I need to do them at Spotlight today.....but I did buy some more wool for the project below.....
This is another blanket I've started working on and I needed to stock up on a few more balls, isn't it lucky and great timing that Spotlight were having 40% off all their wool in the store this weekend so I was able to pick up more to keep working on it, I'm calling this one  "gelato" because of all the soft pastels in it. This is also going to be a long term project so keep an eye out for photo updates over the coming months :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

FNSI....or in my case all day Friday

 Friday saw me cutting these out to make up into journals, I did go to spotlight today to get more lace and ribbons to finish them off but I got side tracked with the 40% off wool sale happening there and came home with a bag of wool which means another trip tomorrow for them.....and maybe another ball or two of wool???
 I also found myself working on a secret project so here's a sneaky peak, sorry that's all I can show you for now :)
 I also picked up this very neglected stitchery and worked a few more stitches onto it to keep me motivated, I'll be working on this one today I think so I can finish it before Christmas....no promises mind you!
I also discovered these in a forgotten project tin so finished them off as well, I have another seven traced stitcheries of the Christmas tree to finish so may work on them as well today and tomorrow my crochet has been taking up a lot of my time lately and I decided my hands needed a bit of a hooky break, don't know how long it will last as I can hear my hook calling me to come crochet LOL......
Well I'm off to visit a few more of my sewing buddies blogs and see what they've been up to, I hope you too got a chance to spend a little time doing something you love last night :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Something for me....

I decided to start working on a long term project for myself.....I'm going to need 480 (or more ) of these squares so quite a few more to go yet lol. I wanted to see how many squares I could get out of a ball I made 7 out of one of the orange 50g balls and with the leftover wool made two smaller squares consisting of 4 rounds instead of the 6 I used for the larger squares, not sure what theses smaller ones will turn into but will just add them to the pile till I have enough to work them into a cushion or a smaller baby blanket??
 Has anyone read the book Elemer the elephant?? well this is going to be my Elmer blanket for our bed for next winter, can you see I have one colour missing that I really, really, really love and can't get a ball of yet :( Oh well I'm not going to start putting it together till I reach the 300 mark with my squares so hopefully I'll be able to source out a ball or three of my favourite red :)
These aren't all the colours I want to use in my blanket I still have to order a few more balls to get some more colour happening but I'm not worried as it will probably take me all year to source them and then work them up. The wool is called Drops baby merino in 4ply and is lovely to crochet with.

Friday, July 12, 2013

FNWF Surprise and what I've been working on....

 This arrived in the mail for me from FNWF Momma Cheryll....love the colour of the wool, think it might turn into a chunky scarf and the picnic well it's long gone and only lives in my memory now MMmmm. Thanks Cheryll you made my week with this lovely parcel arriving for me XXXX
I've also been slogging away on this ripple  baby blanket and have added a few more rows since FNWF, it's nearly at the halfway mark now it wont be long before it's off my hook and ready to give to the new mum and bub :)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

FNWF Results....

 Last night I worked a few more rows on this baby blanket, starting to look good :)
 I've also been putting more blocks together for my sisters blanket, eight blocks made just another eight and I can start putting the blocks together to make up her blanket and then the fun begins with how to edge it LOL :) Loving how these blocks look so fresh and vibrant :)
I also finally had some sunshine time to take a photo of my lovely swap mug, coffee/tea sachets and yummy biscuit recipe from Leanne in the Celebrate swap. I loved everything Leanne and can't wait to have a free day to try out your recipe Mmmmm :)
Must make myself a cuppa and pop over to visit the other girls who joined in on the fun last night, catch ya later :)

Friday, July 5, 2013

FNWF...are you joining in the fun??

Are you joining in and sewing with friends from around the world tonight??? I will be, see you tonight I'll have the kettle on and the chocolate biscuits all ready and waiting :) Barb.