Sunday, July 3, 2016

FNWF results....

Friday night saw me adding the fourth round to may stash of rectangles......lots and lots of ends to sew in again during my breaks at work next week then onto the final round of cream or white before I can start sewing them together :)
I also added a few more stitches to this embroidery to give my hands and shoulder a rest from crocheting so a very productive night for me.....if you'd like to see what everyone else got up to on Friday night why not pop over to Cheryll's  and say hi :)

Friday, July 1, 2016

Still crocheting away.....

I've been exploring pintrest and let me tell you that is a rabbit hole with no ending in sight LOL...on one site I saw an artists canvas decorated with various designs and sizes of cream and white doilies and fell in love with it so I'm going to give this a go with a few of the doily patterns I have in my stash as well as the ones Jo gave me from her mum's stash....thanks Jo I've loved looking through them all :)