Monday, August 31, 2015


For OPAM I was one of the lucky winners last month and this is the gorgeous parcel of goodies that arrived on my doorstop from the equally gorgeous Peg….


A pretty “hugs’n kisses pattern, sweet Petunia cottage garden thread and yummy fat 1/4 as well as a beautiful Summer mini wall hanging……I was spoilt rotten!


Here’s a close up of my beautiful mini, Peg does such lovely work and I’m soooo happy to have  apiece of her creativity to display in my home. Thanks to both Peg & Kris for hosting this marvellous event as it keeps me motivated to at least try and get one thing finished a month while plodding along with my other long term projects Smile

Monday, August 24, 2015

Saturday was soooo much fun

I’ll let the photo’s do the talking of a fun filled fantastic day shared with great friends when we met up in Melbourne for our latest get together…….


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PicMonkey Collagehuk



PicMonkey Collagennj


All I can say is bring on November when our next meet up is scheduled, I love spending time with these terrific ladies!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Friday Night With friends and what else I’ve been up to….


Friday saw me linking up with Cheryll and other like - minded women for a night of crafting deciding I’d work on something for myself after working on various secret projects for others over the past few weeks…..this is what I decided to work on my “Scandinavian Roses” stitchery by Rosalie Quinlan, I just love working on this project and as I said at the beginning this one will be my long term project with no hurrying or pushing to get blocks done and so it has been  for me for this BOM Smile if you want to see what everyone else got up to last night just pop over to Cheryll's blog, thanks Cheryll for motivating me to pick up this block and put a few more stitches into it “"Smile


I’ve also found some time to plant myself a small herb garden after my renewed interest in  baking and discovering how expensive fresh herbs are I decided to try starting my own herb garden in an unused planter that I’ve had sitting around……I started of with planting the herbs I’m using the most of in my baking at the moment which may extend when I bake more, especially when experimenting with my bread making in the future Smile


And on the subject of baking I experimented with my latest loaf of bread by adding some grated cheese to the mix and let me just say it was super yummy with my home made pea & ham soup on a very chilly afternoon for our lunch, I’ll certainly be experimenting some more maybe with feta, bacon….the list could go on forever LOl….


I also made some yummy scones which we had with lashing of jam and cream….there goes the diet!


I’ve also been busy with some knitting, not my forte as I’m soooooo slow! but I’m enjoying the rhythmic clacking of the needles as I knit and it’s a great pick up/put down project when I want to work on something which doesn’t require much brain power of an evening Smileand I’m loving the variegated wool I’m using for this project/


Finally a finish I can show you as this scrumptious scarf is for me, finally a finish for me and just in time to wear it for this winter, this one is going to be my work scarf as I spend a lot of time outdoors with my job so it should keep me pretty warm…….I have a funny feeling my knitted one in the previous photo will still be getting worked on next winter lol.

Time for me to grab myself another cuppa and start blog surfing and seeing what everyone else got up to last night, I hope you’re all staying toasty warm today and have a lovely weekend Smile

Saturday, August 1, 2015

FHF Swaps and OPAM for July…..


July saw me cooking up a storm in my kitchen as well as working on numerous projects ( Lots of secret ones at the moment ) and unable to show any finishes till now with the ruler swap I was involved in with FHF Swaps friends and suddenly realising I hadn’t shown you the ruler bag I’d made for my partner Ondrea. I knew Ondrea loved the colour purple so it had to be in there somewhere and because I couldn’t find a pattern I liked I made up my own version to fit her 12’ ruler…..


I also included a few little extras with Ondrea’s parcel and I’ve heard back that she loved what I made and sent her “PHEW” Wipes sweat of my brow and now onto the next swap which i can only show you a picture of what I may or may not be using  all of in our next FHF swap item……


Lots of pretty felt for me to play with, I’m still thinking on how I want to use these gorgeous colors but to me that’s half the fun Smile So only one item finished for OPAM this month but that’s better than none isn’t it????