Sunday, March 22, 2009


To celebrate my 100th post which I have to admit was a few posts ago I'm having a giveaway.I asked a few friends on ideas for a prize and this is the result a lovely fabric covered journal done in raspberry and white spotted fabric with green and white appliqued flowers
To enter this giveaway you just need to leave a comment on why you would like to win this journal and maybe an idea or two on what you would use it for by Tuesday 31st March.The draw will be on April 1st ( my birthday).I'm also going to be adding some bits and bobs to the final prize but that will be a suprise for the eventual winner.
So come one come all..... you don't have to have a blog to enter just leave a comment and you're in the draw.
If you are the lucky winner I'll be asking you to post your email addy in the comment section so I can get your snail mail addy to post your prize off to you if I don't know it already :)Barb.

#71: fabric journal cover swap

This is the lovely journal Monika made for me in this swap.We must have been thinking along the same lines as I also included a butterfly on her journal.Monika has also crazy quilted(I think that's the right term for it) the journal cover has been done in beautiful pink,blue,green and purple fabrics.Monika has also used various fabrics such as velvet and satin for a totally sensory touch everytime I pick it up.Thank you Monika for being my swap partner,I had a lot of fun making and receiving such a beautiful journal.
The other picture is of the journal I made for Monika and as you can see "SNAP" we were both thinking of butterflies when making for each other.Monika I hope you liked the end result.I had a lot of fun and pleasure thinking and making up your journal cover.

Winter basics & baubles swap....

These are the beautiful items that Kari sent me in this swap.I asked for colours blue and yellow and off course chooks,some of my favourite things.
Thank you Kari I absolutely love everything you sent me,wasn't I spoiled!

Winter basics & baubles swap....

Here are some pictures of the items I sent to Kari in this swap.
I had so much fun shopping and looking for things I hoped she would like.Kari also wanted to read an Australian magazine and because she liked to cook I added a cooking one as well.Thank you Kari for being my swap partner.

Friendship block swap

Here are a few more blocks I've sent of to my partners in this swap.I hope they liked the colours I chose?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

TA DA.....Teaser revealed

Well girls it's come the time to reveal my little design I've been working on and yes Ondrea you guessed right in it being a bag.I've always confessed to being a bagaholic and decided that enough was enough and I should at least make an attempt to design my own bag from start to finish.So.... here it is.
I love how it's turned out and must admit that the fabric had a lot of sway in what I was designing.I'm still trying to think up a name to call my bag so if you do drop by can you help me out by offering suggestions.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm a control freak I know.....

Vicki a dear friend of mine has requested I put a picture on my blog of the box I have sitting near my computer.The contents of this box would usually be found spread all over my dining room table.But no more! I got organised.A $4 photo box from Spotlight and voila..... organisatin in a box.No more mess,no more clutter and I'm now able to find everything at my fingertips.What a relief and all it cost me was $4 and my time to sort through it.

Oh and by the way I'm coming up to my 100th post so keep an eye out for a GIVEAWAY...

Sneak Peek:Number 3.....

Here's another peek at the secret project I've been working on.I've nearly finished it and should have a photo of the completed ..... on my blog very soon.Keep guessing until then girls.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sneak Peek:Number 2....

Here's another picture of the secret project I've been working on.It's taking longer that I thought to finish it but now I'm back at work I don't have as much time to work on it as I did.

Melbourne AQC.....I didn't stop at the fabric....

Also when I was at the Melbourne AQC I went mad and bought lots of patterns,mostly bags (well I've always said I'm a bagaholic!) and a lovely Christmas cushion pattern and a table runner pattern that I've been oohing and aahing over in my mags every time I see it advertised for a couple of months now.I think I'll need to live to be 200 to accomplish all this sewing.... but boy I'm going to have lots of fun trying!

Melbourne AQC.....I think I went spotty!!

On Saturday after posting of Kari's parcel I went to the Melbourne AQC show with my sister Anne.All I can say is WOW.The venue was certainly big but getting there was a nightmare.We got stuck with roadworks and it took us 25 minutes in one section just to cross over an intersection! Finally we arrived and then we hit the stalls running(well mine was more of a shuffle than a run)These photo's are of some of the things I bought while I was there and it was only after taking the photo's did I realise how much spotty fabric I'd bought....
The pile with the jumbo ric rac I thought would go nicely with the Homespun BOM I'm working on and the red pile I'm putting with my red and white quilt fabric stash that I'm squirelling away to start on when I find a pattern I'd like to use it for.

Winter basics & baubles swap....

A lttle while ago I joined in a swap on a blog called foxgloves,fabric and folly.If you look on my side bar you'll see the button for it and if you click on it will take you to the lovely Heidi's beautiful blog.The swap involved selecting items that you could use in the kitchen like quirky gadgets or linens as well as a piece of jewellery etc....
After exchanging emails back and forth we got an understanding of each others likes and dislikes(well I hope I did??)
Finally I can say I've posted off Kari's parcel.Kari was very understanding when I emailed her saying I was going to be late sendind my parcel due to the fact I'd hurt my back and couldn't get to the shops and finish my buying spree.As I explained to her I didn't want to send her a parcel that would dissapoint her and would she mind if I took a few extra days now I'm feeling better to finish gathering for her properly and off course the lovely Kari agreed.
Thank you Kari for being so understanding and I hope when you finally receive my parcel it will be worth the wait.