Sunday, April 20, 2014

Friday Night Sew In results and a visit from E.Bunny….


This stitchery is what I found myself finishing off on Friday night, I’d started it on the boat leaving Tasmania Thursday night arriving back home very, very early Friday morning…….Thanks Simone it was the perfect project to work on while the ship was sailing Smile Now to decide on how I want to finish it I’m thinking maybe a nice frame???

Also on Friday I came home to lots of emails which I still haven’t replied to so I thought I’d send one big one here and thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes while I was away Smile I appreciated each and every one of them! I also came home to a mysterious parcel with the return address being to E.Bunny??? and this is what was inside the box when i opened it…..


A gorgeous fabric and paper flower arrangement! I must admit I was speechless when I saw this as I loved the ones Sharon was making a little while ago and showing us on her blog now I have my very own posy so  a huge THANK YOU to E.Bunny whoever you are!!

I have lots of photo’s to show you of my trip to Tassie but I’ll just put a couple below of a few of the things I bought while there and will try for another post later in the week of the places we visited.





I must admit I got very excited when I saw this last fabric at the Quilted crow shop as I was hoping I’d find some while in Tassie so I went a bit mad and bought two metres of it SmileI can see a couple of runner being made using this fabric!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Birthday continues…….

This is my final birthday gift that my sister Anne gave to me yesterday


A gorgeous aqua craft trolley from IKEA. I have been wanting one of these since last year when Anne purchased on on our last expedition to IKEA together and have regretted not buying myself one at the time. But this isn’t all Anne got me for my birthday……….


Anne also stocked the trolley with my favourite 4ply wool and crochet hooks as well as some super smooth bamboo needles for me to try out, I can’t wait to start knitting with them. Thanks Anne for my beautiful gift you certainly know how to surprise your sister and put a smile on my face. Smile

Saturday, April 5, 2014

FNWF & More birthday gifts…..& photo bucket???


Friday night saw me sewing this pattern holder together, this one will be for me, finally something just for me Smile I used a new thread to me called Threadworx no: 1090 which was given to me by my fabulous friend Shez in one of our swaps and I have to say it was lovely to work with now to find another project so I can use the green maybe something Christmassy?? Thanks Shez I’ll have to investigate a few more colours in this range.

I also had more birthday gifts arrive later in the week and haven’t been able to take pictures of them till now….


This lovely and thoughtful gift came from Simone, I’ve already put parlon behind the stitchery and collected the DMC threads needed and made myself a little travel kit to take with me to Tassie, lets see how much I can get done while I’m away. Thanks Simone they both brought a smile to my face Smile


These pretties came from Narelle tied up with bakers twine, I just love cottage garden threads so was thrilled when I spotted this one, another to add to my growing collection. and the fabrics are just me to a T Narelle, thankyou for my lovely birthday gift Smile


this final gift was from Michelle, isn’t the card divine! Michelle sent me some Midwinter red fabrics as well as a mini charm pack of it I nearly swooned with giddiness when I spotted this little package of yumminess!!! Then to top it of she also sent me a reel of red ribbon, now I really do need to seriously start thinking about what I’m going to be making with all these gorgeous red fabrics I’ve been sent for my birthday I have decided on a big project which is a star quilt found on the moda bake shop website but I’ve seen it done in red and white and I totally love this version of it now to think of a few small mini projects…..any ideas, suggestions or links would be greatly appreciated Smile

Now I have a question to ask, does anyone know how I can get rid of the  photo bucket image that’s suddenly appeared on my blog today???? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as it’s very annoying to look at when scrolling through my blog as I’m sure it is to you that read it Smile

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Birthday to me :)


This is what greeted me when I went to work this morning…..stuck to the front door! EEEeeekkkkk  was I ever this young?


I was also spoilt with a huge bunch of gorgeous flowers from all the girls I work with at my centre, I felt very, very  spoilt as they also made up a lovely party lunch for me and everyone to enjoy. Thanks girls you certainly made my day!!!

But wait there’s more as I’d decided to leave my present unwrapping till I got home from work tonight and let me say i was again blown away!! I’m in a birthday fat 1/4 swap and the following pictures are what these fabulous girls sent me to celebrate my special day Smile 


For this swap we have a secret partner who is designated your birthday gift maker and Kaylee did not disappoint! A beautiful fabric covered journal ( I think she’s been stalking my blog as how else would she know I have a weakness for journals??) Also a beautifully stitched Babushka doll which is coming to live in my sewing room and a handy pencil case which I think I’ll use to house my special crochet hooks that I use the most….. but wait there’s more! some scummy, yummy red & white fabric now I know she’s been stalking my blog LOL!

Thank you Kaylee I love everything you made and sent me for my birthday Smile


From the lovely Illene I received a selection of very pretty red and white fabrics a s well as a 25cm strip of “Scrumptious” Illene you certainly know the way to my heart and I thank you sincerely for my beautiful fabrics which I’m thinking of using in a special red and white quilt to remember my birthday with.


From Tracee I received these yummy red & white strips, I’m also going to be using these in the special quilt, still wondering if it will be a pieced quilt or have a bit of stitchery or applique in it…..decisions, decisions. Thanks Tracee you can never have to much red and white fabrics in my world.


Now this pretty bundle of lovelies come from the lovely Pat, spoilt again with more delicious red and white goodness! but that’s not all Pat also sent a lovely cottage garden thread called “Geranium” such a pretty delicate colour and I can’t wait to find the perfect project to use it on. Pat also included a small pair of scissors which will be coming with me to Tassie next week as they’re just perfect for travelling with. Thanks Pat I love them all!!


This lovely lot of goodies come from our swap Momma Cheryll and again I was spoilt rotten! some beautiful red and white fabric, a wooden craft keeper as well as DMC thread, quick unpick in my favourite colour red as well as the cutest tape measure ribbon which I think will be used in a couple of pin cushions??? Thanks Cheryll for my fantastic gifts as well as organising this swap you do a marvellous job as swap Momma!!


From Peg I received a selection of red and white fabrics for me to drool over as well as a big box of chocolates which I have to admit are slowly disappearing……don’t know where they’re going?? Peg also made me a journal, I don’t know where people get the idea I love journals??? MMmmm maybe Peg’s been stalking my blog as well, maybe Peg and Kaylee have been stalking in tandem???  All joking aside Thanks Peg for my thoughtful and lovely gifts they certainly brought a smile to my face Smile

I have a few more gifts to show you but I think I’ll save them for tomorrow and another post I don’t want to overload you with too many photo’s in one go. Thanks girls for all my gifts and all the birthday emails I’ve received they’ve brought a huge smile to my face today and I appreciate each and everyone of you Smile