Monday, May 9, 2016

I'm back.....finally


I finally finished block four of my “Scandinavian Roses” block by Rosalie Quinlan.


I then started working on block five Smile


Worked a bit more on this stitchery by Leanne Beasley called “Sew, laugh, love” it’s a big one but just lovely to pick up and add a bit more to it every now and then.

I’ve also been working on a couple of crocheted blankets which I’ll try and get a photo of soon, I’m nearly finished a couple of my big long-term projects but you know me I’ve already got my fingers itching to start on a couple of new ones waiting for me in their respective wool bags LOL.


Still working on my Scandinavian inspired ripple blanket, about another 20 – 30 rows and it will be finished….. it’s lovely to work on in the evening with the cooler weather we’re having Smile


Just about to declare this African flower hexie blanket finally finished….I have enough of the grey to maybe squeeze out another two rows worth of flower edgings but just can’t decide if I want to commit to making anymore but knowing me ( a glutton for punishment)  this feeling will soon pass and I’ll decide to go for it LOL….what do you think keep going or stop?? I’ll be back soon with more of what I’ve been up to in my blog absemce over the next week or so Smile