Monday, August 24, 2009


This is the hexie I made Keza on the craft forum swap.I'm loving making these hexies they are soooo addictive.I can't wait to get the one Keza's made for me! I'll post a picture on here when it arrives.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

HUG SWAP......2009

If you haven't already joined in this fantastic swap I suggest you click on the hug swap button on the left and do so.Swap partners will be given out September 4th,so hurry over and join.....I have!

Breast of friends BOM

I've been a bit slack with these blocks as life has certainly been getting in the way.Of course it could also be all the other things I'm working on as well! Like the four other BOM's I'm working on as well as 29 library bags for the children in my room heading off to school next year and numerous Chrissy gifts for family and friends this year....Phewww I'm tired just typing this.Anyway without further ramblings here is a photo of block no.10.I'm still enjoying these blocks and I must get back and start working on the ones I have made up ready to stitch!

Apron swap....

On the craft forum I'm a member off we had an apron swap and due to a family illness (not me) I haven't had the time to upload the apron I made for Kim and the one Glenys made for me.
The purple apron is the one I made for Kim and as you can see by the photo's it's reversable.I had so much fun appliqueing the flowers and making it up for her.I made it in purples as I know she loves that colour.
The christmas apron is the one Glenys made for me and I absolutely LOVE IT! it's so girly and swishy and well....just me.I can't wait to show it off to my family and friends this Christmas.
Thank you to both Kim and Glenys for being my partners in such a fantastic swap.I hope you both loved the aprons you received and made as much as I did mine.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Aout two weeks ago I won two give aways from two diferent blogs but due to ill-health,work and just life getting in the way I haven't had a chance to take phtoto's of the giveaways let alone blog about them.I've emailed both Ryan and Nancy to personally thank them when they arrived but that's as far as I got so I decided today was the day I'd finally put photo's of my lovey winnings onto my blog and acknowledge two fantastic bloggers.You should try and take some time and explore their blogs as they are both lovely and very interesting blogs.I'll pop their blog sites for you below so you can go and check them out it will be well worth the efffort!

From Ryan's give away I won a charm pack called folklorique and I'm thinking a bag will be made with them....what do you think? Ryan also sent me a delightful smelling candle called sunflower and some specail threads.Thank you Ryan for hosting such a lovely give away.

From nancy's give away I received two appliqued placemats a Tilda stitchery (I just love Tilda)a tryly scrumptious jewlery pouch,a thimble and some some hand gel which will come in handy this summer as there already forcasting an even hotter summer than the last one YIKES!! Thank you Nancy for hosting such an beautiful give away.I can't wait to start on the stitchery.



Sorry,but I still haven't figured out how to add blogs so you can just click on their names and it will take you there.You'll just have to manually type them :(

Monday, August 3, 2009


Just letting JOCELYN,NAOMI and DOLORES know that there prizes are on the way to them as I type.
My apologies to Dolores I forgot to put in a note with her parcel as I was wanting to send them all at once and didn't realise I hadn't sent a letter with the parcel until I got home from the post office.
I hope you all like what I've sent you and enjoy them for many years to come :) Barb.