Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A finish and a start…..


finally finished my cherry ripe baby blanket, very pleased with how this one turned out Smile it’s now in my gift giving basket for babies.


I also started assembling the HST’s in preparation for sewing together, hoping to get started on this one sometime this weekend Smile These are the leftovers from my charming stars blocks I’ve been working on.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Who’s a lucky girl????

Me that’s who!





The very talented Fiona was my swap partner this time and I have been totally spoilt. Fiona made me a beautiful roomy spotty bag which I’ll be using to store my rainbow ripple I’m planning to make for myself, a very cute needle book and pouch both with my name and the year stitched onto them as well as an appliqued mouse bag to put my  ball of wool into while I crochet and see that little hole where her tail should be that’s where the wool will pull through and stop it from tangling up on me. I also have to admit that the jelly babies are nearly gone ooops Smile

Thank you Fiona, I have been thoroughly spoilt by you in this swap and I love everything you’ve  sent  me  Smile

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Christmas Through the Year…..


I’m linking up with Anthea for Christmas Through The Year, I finally finished the quilting on this table runner last night and it’s now  residing in my gift basket Smile


Saturday, September 20, 2014

FNSI Results….


I decided to work on a new crochet project last night, this is the willow block and when finished will be a blanket for my nieces 21st birthday next year.


I added a few more centres to the pile, now to crochet the final two rounds and add them to my growing pile. Friday night also saw me finishing of this secret project……


Sorry this is all I can show you at the moment, these leftovers have now gone into my scrap basket and will become dots for a multi-coloured blanket using all my little scraps from other projects…….but not to leave you without a finish I’ll also show you a photo of my rainbow ripple blanket which is now in my gift giving basket…….


Don’t forget to pop over to Wendy's and check out what all the other participants were working on Friday night Smile

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Charming Stars sew-a-long….


September’s block is now done and dusted for our Charming stars sew-a-long, I’m using the range “Midwinter reds” I only had enough of the cream fabric to make up 14 blocks with no sashing so 12 will be used for a wall hanging and the spare two will be made into a runner. I’ve already cut out and sewn up the points for each of my blocks but will select from these and make up one or two blocks a month till done.

I also copied Fiona's idea and made up HST blocks with the leftover corner triangles that would have otherwise been discarded and have plans of making a mini wall hanging as well as a cushion with these scraps…….Thanks Fiona it was soooo easy to make up these HST blocks Smile


Now I just need to wait for some more Midwinter Red fabric to arrive so I can finish my next lot of blocks……I just needed a few more creams and tans to even out what I already had in my stash. When this quilt is done I plan on making a larger version with my birthday red & white fat 1/4’s for our bed and I’ll also be using Fiona's trick again to make more HST for a few extra accessories to go with it.

It feels good to be back at the machine, it’s been ages since I’ve done any machine sewing SmileHopefully I’ll be doing lots more over the next few weeks.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Friday Night With Friends Results….

Friday night saw me working on a couple of my crochet projects….


I went from two piles of pretty cherry ripe dots to…..


Four piles, ten dots per pile so that makes forty done and another forty one to work on and then I can start putting this baby blanket together. I also found myself working on adding a few more rows to this project I started in early August……..


After sorting through my wool baskets I found I had quite a few odd balls as well as odd 100gm balls leftover from other projects so now they’re all contained in one basket and from this basket I started making this rainbow ripple ( above ) and I’m planning to use the leftovers from this blankets to make a rainbow dot blanket next. Below is an updated picture of the six nearly seven rows completed last night, I love how soothing a ripple is to work on……Today saw me finally knuckling down and sewing in those pesky ends before they became too numerous Smile


Once these blankets are finished they will be going into my gift basket which is rapidly filling up with baby blankets  lol….. I’ll be doing a bit of blog hopping tomorrow to see what everyone else was working on and if you’d like to do this as well why not pop over to our lovely leader Cheryl's blog to peruse all the lovely blogs of the other participants at your leisure over the weekend Smile