Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Antique nine patch

As promised here is the first ever quilt I made.It was made for my niece Madelaine with lots of help and encouragement from her mum (my sister Anne).At times I despaired of ever finishing it,but finish it I did.When I finally went around to show the completed quilt to Anne,I went to flick it out and lay it on the floor to display it and..... you guessed it there came this horrible ripping sound!!! I'd stepped onto the quilt just as I had flicked it and ripped a seam somewhere.After much frantic looking the offending tear was found and lo and behold I learnt another important lesson in quilting "the 1/4 seam".... oooppss,I didn't know about this and of course in my rush and enthusiasm to do a quilt for my niece you guessed it I didn't read the instructions carefully.A very valuable lesson was learnt that day!!!
But as you can see with the help of my sister the quilt was fixed and you'd never guess by looking at it that none of the seams are a 1/4" hehehe.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Raggedy Country Annie.Version 2

I loved the raggedy Anne doll I made for my sisters birthday so much that I decided to make one for myself but with a twist.I parisian essenced the body and dress to give it more of a grunge version. "I've been playing in the mud look"....I think she turned out quite well.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cupcake Heaven......

Tomorrow is my RDO and today I brought in some cupcakes I made for the girls at work.It has become a bit of a ritual that I bake a cake or slice for them at this time(wouldn't want to dissapoint)One of them requested cupakes so that's what they got this time.Bon appetit girls.....

sampler swap block '08: castle in the air

This is the lovely block I received from Vicki in the sampler swap.She has used soft shades of pink and green and teamed it with a beautiful cream.Thank you Vicki for being my swap partner.

sampler swap block '08: castle in the air

This is the block I sent to Linda.I think it turned out OK.I'm not into bright colours but even I have to admit that when it's teamed with black the look is quite dramatic....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Birthday wishes

This is the Raggedy country doll I made for my sister Anne for her birthday this month.I think she turned out quite well and my sister seemed to agree when she saw her.I think I'll have to make one for myself now. I fell in love with her and my sister nearly didn't receive her (but don't anyone tell her....) I came to my senses in time and now she has a new home in Anne's sewing room with all the other raggedy's she's collected.

Friday, July 11, 2008

christmas is in the air.... well for me anyway.

This is the cupcake bag I've made for my neice for christmas this year.Yes,I know I'm very early but I have a very big christmas to-do list so I thought I had better start now, so much to do and so little time .....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

my quilts

These two quilts were the first ones I made for myself.The daisy quilt I did because I fell in love with the pattern and at the following craft show I found the most delicious fabrics and started on it as soon as I returned home that night.The mammy quilt I made up from scraps I had in my stash and I was quite pleased how well it turned out.I must admit I'm now quite addicted to needle and thread and a day rarely goes by without some type of sewing going on either by machine or by hand.

Fabric frenzy

On my last RDO (rostered day off ) I went shopping with my sister for fabric.A girl can never have too much off this stuff. I discovered some lovely fabrics I just couldn't leave in the shop,it was calling to me to make a bag(or two) out of it,so I bought it,now I'm trying to resist using it till I've finished a couple of other projects I'm working on,but it's getting harder every day!!! I may just have to give in and start a new bag.....Maybe this weekend??

I love cupcakes

This is the beautiful cupcake one of the girls gave me from work,she thought I needed a lift as I was feeling a bit frazzled and presented me with this bueatiful cupcake.It opens up so I can use it as storage,so it's beautiful and practicle,gotta love that...

"Favourite things" swap

This is the bag I made for Linda for the swap.

"Favourite things" swap

This is Giania's interpretation of my favorite things.She has made me a beautiful bag that has squillions of pockets,lovely large buttons,and fabric in country colours,and the most intricate stitchery on the front pocket.THANK YOU ... I love it.