Wednesday, August 27, 2008

spring cleaning....

Today I was cleaning out my bedroom,yes you did hear that dreaded word "CLEANING" and suddenly realised I hadn't taken a photo of a project I did a few years ago.This project has a story behind it and it goes something like this.... I went to a clearing sale(and you're scratching head wondering what the hell is a clearing sale).Let me explain.It's like a humongus garage sale except the garage gets sold as well as the car,the tractor.... you get my drift! Anyway I digress.I bidded on this old medicine cabinet that had the mirror in the door and my hubby and father-in-law both looked at me and shook their respective heads asking me why I was bidding for something that was falling apart.Well I said to them I can see it's potential.They just muttered,shook their heads and slowly inched away from me as the bidding began.Of course I was the highest bidder,ending up paying the pricely sum of $10 dollars,what a bargain.
After much begging and pleading my father-in-law grudgeingly took the offending item home,took out the mirror and sanded it for me.When it finally came back,all I had to so was stain and varnish it before replacing the mirror with a stitchery panel I'd made from a pattern I'd fallen in love with and now this beautiful work of art takes pride of place on my bedroom dresser.I think it's potential is truly shining now it's had a face lift.

Friday, August 22, 2008

rustic table runner...

This is a project I've been working on with felt.I've never attempted anything like this but I fell in love with the pattern and just had to make it.It was made over the last few months on and off between other projects I've been working on.I'm a bit like my sister in her addiction to anything raggedy and this is the end result of my addiction.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

#56 doll swap '08

Today I finally opend my doll from TrishJ and she is beautiful.She is wearing a summer dress in blues and yellows,my favourite colours.I love the way Trish has done her hair,I must try doing it this way for a different look.The only thing is I think she is silently screaming for a face so I hope you don't mind Trish if I draw one on for her.Oh,and by the way I liked the name you gave her "Missy" I think that's what she'll be when she gets a mouth to talk with....a bit of a Miss!!
She's very tired from hitch hiking from your place to mine so I'll let her settle in before I make any major changes.

The doll I sent Trish is an Angel doll and I hope she keeps a watch over you and your family for many years to come....
Thankyou for being my swap partner,I've enjoyed every minute of it.

sampler swap block '08:12" basket

This is the second block in the sampler swap.
TrishJ made me the one using the raspberry,cream and green and I think it looks beautiful,and will work in well with the one I received from Tozz. Thankyou so much for being my swap partner Trish.
The second block is the one I made for Margarita using flowers and garden colours.I think it turned out quite nicely....

Monday, August 11, 2008

SWAP: Christmas in July '08

These are the fantastic items I received from Diane my swap partner.A beautiful hand-stitched "A Stitchers Stocking" as well as felt stars with the stitched words "Hope,Faith,Love and peace,a doll pattern,a christmas ornament kit and craft embellishments.Way too much.... Thankyou Diane for being my swap partner.

Also I've included a picture of the doll I made for Lynnette.It's the first time I've attempted making a beanie let alone one so small.Thanyou also Lynette for being my swap partner in this very Chrismassy swap.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

PJ Day at work....lets party

On Friday we had PJ day where staff and children came dressed in their pj's for the day.We all had a blast dancing,singing and having a great old time together,with a party atmosphere all day.I was on the early shift so I drove to work in my pj's and dressing gown which wasn't too bad at 6'30 am it was when I finished at 3.30 pm and driving home that I encountered the odd stare and grin from people in the cars next to me when I had to stop for traffic lights,but you know what I didn't care I had a fantastic day!!!Anyway here is a picture of me in my pj's,I hope you don't get scared off......Cover your eyes if you scare easy hehehe.

chaos in the sewing room

A few weeks ago I had a big clean up of my sewing room,alas it didn't last long so I have tried to implement a new organising,but attractive storage.No more plastic for me!! So I have been slowly buying baskets in varying sizes,shapes and colours to help organise my space, but also to make it look more inviting and appealing for me when I come into my sewing room.I've included a photo of a couple of the baskets I've bought.The labels are colour tags from places such as Bunnings & Mitre 10 that they have on display for tile colours etc... I thought these would be an unusual way of using them,I think they do the job quite well.....
Hopefully if I manage to get the sewing room organised I'll take a few photo's to post here show you all my new and improved room !!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Charli's pillowcase

This is a pillowcase I did for a friends daughter.Her mum gave me carte blanche so I decided to use up some of my scraps from my stash,all variations of pink.I appliqued flowers all over it and then appliqued her name at the top.I think it turned out quite nicely and I'm sure she will love it.

Tinker Belle

Finally,here is a photo of my dog Belle.She is a combination of a jack russell and a mini foxy.When we brought her home she was so small she could be carried in the top pocket of my husbands shirt and all her four paws fit snugly onto his hand she was so tiny and that's how she came by her name Tinker Belle.