Sunday, August 10, 2008

chaos in the sewing room

A few weeks ago I had a big clean up of my sewing room,alas it didn't last long so I have tried to implement a new organising,but attractive storage.No more plastic for me!! So I have been slowly buying baskets in varying sizes,shapes and colours to help organise my space, but also to make it look more inviting and appealing for me when I come into my sewing room.I've included a photo of a couple of the baskets I've bought.The labels are colour tags from places such as Bunnings & Mitre 10 that they have on display for tile colours etc... I thought these would be an unusual way of using them,I think they do the job quite well.....
Hopefully if I manage to get the sewing room organised I'll take a few photo's to post here show you all my new and improved room !!!


Derriere said...

Really nice baskets Barb!
Where did you find them?
When I was in Melb a few months ago I hit up Freedom Furniture and Ikea for baskets and magazine holders. They have some wonder full stuff in similar styles to the ones you chose.
Especially the freedom shop.
I could have spent a small house in there hehe.
Nice baskets are so warm and pleasing. cant wait to see some more pics of your de?clutter,I mean your sewing room!

cheryl said...

Like your baskets Barb! I have a few around the house but they generally hold someone's wool, no more! They are coming into my room and I think I will label them too!!