Thursday, April 23, 2015



I’ve added the 5th row and decided to try and take another photo in daylight to show this blankets true colour which is  a deep red, loving how this one is going together so quickly Smile

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

More birthday gifts….


From Wendy


and From Tarnyia who are members of the fat 1/4 birthday swap I’ve been in for the last couple of years                                                                                                                  


From my hubby, I only asked for the pattern after seeing Wendy's on her blog      and asking her where she bought it as hubby had asked for some ideas on what to get me. Super spoilt!                                                                                                                           


From my sister Anne…..The most delicious hand knitted dish cloths, red and white spotted lidded  jars full of colourful spools of ribbons


Look at all these yummy fabrics hiding inside the  Paris themed box…. my hubby and my sister both know me very well. I told you I was spoilt rotten for my birthday!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

FNSI Results….


Friday night saw me sitting and sewing with Wendy and all the other girls who joined in for the night attaching another two rows of squares to this blanket using the “Willow” block by Jan Eaton…..this is a picture of the rows folded up on top of each other.


So two rows became four by the time I went to bed Friday night, this blanket will be 17 x 17 for a total of 289 squares and will be for my bed when finished, I’m hoping it will turn out as I’ve imagined it but time will tell Smile I haven’t had a chance to pop over  to Wendy's and see what everyone else got up to Friday night but hopefully tomorrow I’ll get the chance to sit with a cuppa a and lose a couple of hours seeing what everyone else got up to after I get a few things done in the morning Smile

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Birthday gifts sent…..OPAM for April


I’ve been busy making secret birthday gifts for a couple of friends but couldn’t show them till now, this Cottage garden thread holder I made for Cheryl using French General fabrics. Cheryl’s birthday is the day before mine so I stitched this up in March but couldn’t put it in my totals for OPAM as I didn’t want to spoil the surprise Smile


Here is the inside which I filled with cherry ripes and Cottage Garden threads, it was a very special birthday for Cheryl this year and as such she needed something extra special!


Another secret gift I was working on in March was for Ondrea whose birthday falls the day after mine, so a busy month leading up to my birthday LOL. Ondrea’s favourite colour is purple so I made her an assortment of doilies in purple and included a pretty purple Cottage Garden thread to add to her stash as well as a block of yummy dark chocolate… two OPAM finishes which will be added to my side bar for this months OPAM finish list Smile

I’ve had a pretty full week the past week ending with me not feeling too well for most of it and culminating in being decidedly off on Sunday so I’ll apologise to all who have left comments in my previous posts as I just haven’t been well enough to reply or do much of anything this past week and hope you can forgive me Sad smile I’ll try and do another blog post soon time permitting.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

More Birthday pressies……


Have I ever told you how much I love Shez's beautiful crafty creations?? Well I do and especially this gorgeous mousie pin cushion! I’ve watched with secret jealousy as these beautiful mice have been made by Shez and given away secretly wishing one would come my way and guess what, Miss Mousie in the picture above is now mine all mine!!! I love her Shez but I have a confession to make…..I just can’t see myself ever putting a pin into her I’d be afraid she’d run away if I ever did this so she’s just going to sit on her pedestal and survey my craft room and occasionally be treated to a nibble or two on a piece of cheese I think!


But wait Shez also included with Miss Mousie some yummy smelling soap and hand soap as well as a hand towel and some gorgeous fat 1/4’s. I have been utterly spoilt by my dear friend Shez ,I am so glad I took the chance to meet up with Shez at our first bloggers meet up so many years ago as I’ve mad some of the best friends through blogging Smile


Another dear friend who I also met through blogging and our old craft forum Ondrea sent me these beautifully stitched wall hangings, utterly spoilt again!! and see that tiny little bottle? it’s full of hand quilting needles which will come in very handy for all those mini wall hangings I have in mind to do with all my leftover HST’s from other bigger projects. Thanks Ondrea you mad my birthday a very special day Smile


Cheryl is another dear blogging friend and she also spoilt me by sending me this gorgeous assortment of goodies above, I love the little mini needle book so tiny and perfect for popping in a bag with a to-go project for the car! Cheryl and Ondrea must have got together as Cheryl also gave me a pkt of applique needles which will come in very handy for another birthday gift I received from my hubby. thanks you Cheryl I love everything you made/chose to send me and I have to admit the kit kat and lollies are long gone now lol SmileThank you Cheryl for being such a dear friend!

I’ll be beak later this week with a few more pictures of the gifts I received from my hubby and sister Anne. I also want to say thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate my birthday this year it’s been an awesome week for me Smile

Saturday, April 4, 2015

FNWF’s Results…..


This is the baby blanket I was working on last night for my niece’s first baby due in October and my baby sister’s first grandchild Smile I managed to work a few more rows before heading off to bed and will be working on it again tonight while I’m off for a spot of babysitting. I love the brightness of the colours together on this blanket and I hope my niece will as well.


I also managed to work a few stitches onto block three of my Scandinavian Roses BOM by Rosalie Quinlan, I’m loving these stitcheries and can’t wait to start on block four although it is a humungous ones maybe I should slow down a little  lol Smile

Thanks goes to our swap momma Cheryll for organising this monthly virtual get together as it’s keeping me motivated to get things finished, if you’d like to see what everyone else got up to last night just pop over to Cheryll's blog, I’m planning to do this after I get back from braving the crowds to go grocery shopping….wish me luck I think I’m going to need it!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Birthday’s seem to come quicker every year LOL…..

This past Tuesday was my birthday…yes I’m an April Fool baby and my dad jokes with me every year he calls me to wish me a happy birthday that I was in such a rush to be born I couldn’t wait three more days to share his birthday on the 4th lol!

I have a lovely group of ladies in a fat 1/4 birthday swap that send you a fat 1/4 and one special person makes something just for you for your birthday gift and I was one really lucky gal to have our swap momma Cheryll as my maker for this year and I was spoilt rotten by her!!


Look at all the lovely items Cheryll made and sent for my special day!! I must admit the biscuits have been opened and indulged with already lol, it’s true isn’t it that any calories eaten on your birthday don’t count??? MMmmm I’ve eaten a lot of calories this past few days LOL…. Cheryll also sent me some lovely red & white fat 1/4’s and my very own fat 1/4 pouch pattern so i can make one as well as the cutest little coin purse I think Cheryll has been stalking my blog and friends cos how else would she know I love coin purses and have quite a collection of them lol……


here is a close up of the gorgeous fat 1/4 pouch Cheryll made me, it has lots of pockets inside for all your bits and pieces and I’m thinking this pouch will make a great grab-to-go bag when waiting in the car or at appointments. Thanks Cheryll you made my birthday a very special one with your beautiful gifts and thoughtfulness Smile


and Cheryll being the cheeky girl that she is also sent me a “Just for fun” pressie with this cute crochet fabric pin cushion, love it Cheryll! I have a funny feeling Cheryll knows I like to crochet as well!

the photo’s below are pictures of all the lovely fat 1/4’s and extras that my lovely friends from the fat 1/4 birthday club have sent me, it was fun seeing them all piled up waiting to be opened on my birthday. I also wanted to say thanks to everyone that sent me emails on my birthday as well as on my  face book page which I only just discovered last night lol!


from Illene


From Sharon


From Dzintra


From Yvonne


From Kaylee


From Debbie

Thank you ladies for making my birthday a very happy one Smile

I still have couple of pressies to show you but will do another post with more pic’s to share with you as I’m sure you’re all photo’d out by now.

I’m also joining in with Cheryll for Friday Night With Friends and I’ll be working on my niece’s baby blanket  Smile