Sunday, January 8, 2017

What I've been up to....

 I finished working on the 4ply version of the owl blanket but decided to just add the mandala to the middle instead of the owl.  I really loved making this blanket and it stretched my capabilities with all the new stitches in the pattern that I hadn't tried before and I'll  definitely be making another one for me in 8ply for my sewing room 😊
 Here is a close up of all the different stitches...just soooo pretty!
 I've also been organizing and labelling my stitching projects I have on the go, it's getting much too hot now to do as much crochet and these projects have been neglected too long so it's now time to focus my attention on them and start getting them over the finish line 😊
 I also spent more time going through all my patterns and funally labelling and filing them away in these pretty cabinets.....
This one is just for my Christmas patterns....MMmmm me thinks I like Christmas lol. I'll be back soon with an update and photos of the Christmas swaps I was in....lets just say I was once again thoroughly spoilt by my friends again 😊