Monday, December 29, 2008

Not another journal!!

I couldn't resist making up this journal.I found this piece of lace I'd forgotten I had and wanted to make something using it and then I remembered a Christmas gift I'd received a couple of years ago wrapped up in a spotty table napkin.
Light bulb moment.... Why not make a diferent styled journal than I usually make and this is the end result.I absolutely love how it's turned out.Very pretty and feminine,with a touch of sass.

I'm still drooling...

OK, so after three days of torture I was finally able to hit the fabric shops before I headed for home after staying with relatives over Christmas.
Look at all the gorgeous fabric I managed to collect for my new projects.
Although, I'm going to be good and not start anything from my new books untill I've made a dent in my WIP and to-do list.....Yeah,sure!!

Lookie,lookie,lookie......aren't I a lucky girl!

These books were my Christmas present from my Hubby this year.Aren't I lucky!!! The only problem was I had to wait till the fabric shops opened before I could go in search of fabrics to use with the books....Such torture!

Christmas project:secret sshhhhh.....

My friend Helen and I have been working on this secret project on and off for most of the year for her god daughter for Christmas.
Helen rescued her old dolls pram and her hubby stripped it back and re-varnished it.Then Helen and I began working on making a matress and a quilt for the pram and re-doing the canopy.
It's been a struggle for us to get together lately as Helen's hubby has been very sick in and out of hospital and she hasn't been able to meet with me on our usual monthly sewing time.
Finally the last weekend before Christmas we got together to get everything finshed and put on.I think it turned out lovely and I hope Helen's god-daughter appreciates all the effort and hard work that went into it and off course all the laughter and tears as we worked on it.

ho hum.... an apron to wear at work,eeeekkkk

I've decided that since we will now have to wear a set uniform for work (yuck) I'll jazz it up with a snazzy apron.There's nothing worse than buying new (and exspensive) clothes and getting paint and glue all over them,especially since last year I bumped into the drying rack and ended up with paint all over me.I came up with this compromise over my Christmas break,.I'm also going to make a couple more for two of my workmates but in a pink colourway.,oh and one for me in pink too.I hope they like my idea.....

softy swap '08: Mine all mine....

This is the softy I received from Monika in the softy swap.Isn't he fantastic,"Chris" will certainly be very a festive influence at Christmas next year.Thanks Monika I love him.

Softy swap '08

This is the softy I made for Trish in the swap held on the forum I'm a member of.Trish has named her "Moggie" and I think it suits her really well.It's the first time I've ever attempted makig a softy but I don't think it will be my last.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sping swap: Freya has entered the building....

This beautiful doll has finally arrived.I don't know where she's been for the past three months and she's not talking!I think she decided to take a trip around Australia bfore settling down here with me?
Freya was sent a few months back from Guiliana my swap partner in the spring swap I joined way back in Sept/Oct and finally she has arrived in a very rumpled and crumpled tough bag.Isn't she just gorgeous.I absolutely love the groovy arms and legs,very psychedelic....She even has a tiny butterfly drawn on her cheek as a beauty spot.I love,love,love her!!! Thank you Guiliana for being my swap partner.

Monday, December 15, 2008

secret santa swap: IT'S ARRIVED!!!

Finally I can post pictures of the secret santa swap items I sent to my partner in faraway Lebanon,Tennese.It travelled all the way from Australia to America.
Judy was my secreat swap partner and she sent me a beautiful thank you letter for the gift I sent to her.I'm glad to hear it has arrived safely and she is already putting the items to good use in the lead up to Christmas.Thank you Judy for being my swap partner I had soooo much fun making up these items for you and I hope you enjoy them for many years to come.

christmas table runner no:3

Well here it is table runner no:3,finally..... I hope my friend and her son like it?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

PAY IT FORWARD.....reminder

Just letting you know there's still one spot left for someone to join in the fun of check out the terms on the PIF post and leave a comment if you want join in the fun.You'll find the information in the November 2008 post.

Angel doll swap '08: Here comes Charlotte...

This is the angel doll I made for Sandy in the angel doll swap we had on the forum I'm part off.I loved making her,and I felt very Christmassy while attatching her wings.I hope Sandy liked the colours I chose to do her in.I heard thru the grapevine that she loved soft country colours/shabby chic.Thanks for being my partner Sandy.

#64 case swap: what I received...

This is the scrummy case I received from Linda in the case swap.It opens out to display three pockets to put your threads and scissors in and has a pincushion in the middle.It rolls up so it will fit into your bag easily.What a fantastic idea Linda.I can't wiat to try it out with one of the mini projects I'm working on.How stylish will I look when I take this bundle out of my bag next time I work on some handstitching.Thanks Linda for being my swap partner,I'm a very lucky girl.

Friday, December 5, 2008

2 christmas table runners:finally finished...

I have finally been finished two of the five Christmas table runners that I've been working on over the last couple of months.I've been making them as gifts for two of my friends who used to also work at the same place as me till a few months ago.I hope thay like the finished results.