Saturday, November 29, 2014

Santa Sack swap, Parcels received,parcels sent, lots happening here….


these gorgeous parcels arrived in my letter box yesterday from my Santa Sack swap partner Dasha and one of them had a sticky note attached to it telling me to open it, well I’m not going to argue with being told to open a gift!!


This beautiful Santa sack was inside this parcel, Dasha's done a lovely job with the applique and it’s already stuffed full with the rest of the gifts waiting for our swap mumma to tell us when we can open them Smile


These are the gifts I sent of to Dasha which she’s let me know have arrived safe and sound at her place after a little detour to her neighbours house .


I also posted of a couple of parcels whilst at the post office picking up my parcel from Dasha, this one went of to…….….well you really didn’t expect me to tell you did you Smile


I also sent of this parcel but you’ll also have to waitl to find out what’s inside these packages….come on Christmas don’t be late!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Friday Night Sew In Results…..


Friday night saw me sewing two more blocks together for my niece’s 21st gift, nearly at the halfway mark now…..


This close up of the blocks shows the colours as they appear in real life. I’m really hoping my niece likes this blanket when it’s finished or it just may have to come back home with me as I’ve fallen in love with this colour combination and I don’t even like purple LOL  Smile

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Santa Sack Swap…..


These parcels are now officially flying in Santa’s sleigh to my partner Dasha’s house but she wont be able to open them till our swap momma  Cheryll tells us we can…..oh the suspense!!

Now onto finishing of my FHF swap parcels so i can post these off next week Smile

I’ll be back tomorrow with photo’s of what I worked on Friday night with my friends from all around the world.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Travelling Treasures Winner!

Travelling Treasures

Time to announce the winner…… after getting hubby to pick out a name from the bowl I’m pleased to announce that the winner is “O’faigh” so if you could shoot me an email with your snail mail addy I’ll get the travelling treasures posted of to you this weekend.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this swap and to Debbie over at Sweet Little cottage for starting  this fun swap  Smile

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Heading off to Mill Rosie Christmas meet up today!!!


This is where I’ll be today for our final meet up for the year….I can’t wait to catch up with everyone SmileI’ve been baking and wrapping in preparation for today and now it’s finally here Wooooo Hoooo!!!!! Let the good times roll!!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Friday Night Sew In Results…..


Friday night saw me putting the first block together for my niece’s 21st birthday gift, here they are all laid out ready to be sewn together.


All finished, now to get started on making the other eight blocks up over the next few weeks….wish me luck Smile

I also had a lovely visitor descend via Aussie Post yesterday but I’m very happy to say he’ll not be leaving anytime soon…….well really NEVER!


Yes I was the lucky gal who snaffled up “The General” from Keryn after our Mill Rosie retreat…..he had to go home with Keryn after the retreat was over as she still had to finish off his boots, isn’t he just gorgeous and of course I couldn’t hide him away till Christmas so he’s nice and comfy sitting on my bed till it’s officially December 1st which really isn’t that far away SmileThanks Keryn I LOVE HIM!!!  and if you’d like one like him or something similar or Christmassy pop over to Keryn's blog and have a look at her “shop” page at the top, you wont be disappointed and her customer service is fantastic!!

On another subject I’m still wanting to send the Travelling Treasures off to someone new so if you’re interested just read and comment on my previous post to enter for the draw being held on the 20th of November.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Travelling Treasures has landed!!

Travelling Treasures

Monday saw the arrival of the “Travelling Treasures” parcel in my post box. I’ve been trying to join in the fun of this swap for ages and more so since the cross stitch material was added to the parcel, I’ve recently started this craft up again and it’s nearly impossible to find any material that isn’t white or cream at my local spotlight so that was eagerly snaffled up…….


Here’s a look at the collective goodies that arrived in the parcel…..

The Travelling Treasures originated from Debbie over at Sweet little Cottage and if you’d like to join in the fun just leave a comment on this post stating that you’d like to join in the fun ( only open to Australian and NZ residents to keep the postage down ) All you need to do is…..

1 ) Decide what you’d like to keep from the parcel

2 ) Replace what you choose with something of equal loveliness

3 ) Announce on the 20th of the month the new person you are sending it on too


And these are the items I selected from the parcel…..I know, I know I’ve been a greedy little piggy but below is what I’ve added to the parcel to make up for my pigginess Smile


Two Marg Low patterns, two fat 1/4’s and two cottage garden threads…..


Here’s a picture of all that will be in the next parcel, so if you want to join in the fun leave a comment on this blog post and I’ll be drawing a name on the 20th for one lucky person Smile