Monday, May 31, 2010

Another finish for 2010....only took 8 years!

This is a granny square rug I started working on over 8 years ago and then put in a cupboard and forgot about till this weekend just gone.I re-discovered it and decided to finally finish it.All that needed to be done was to sew in all the loose end threads and then do a few rows of black edging around it.
It looks good on our bed but I'm thinking it would be lovely to snuggle under on the couch this winter.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Winter is coming and I'm freezing!!

I started both the knitted scarf and the crocheted hat at the end of last winter and now I can finally say they are both finished and ready to wear for this coming winter!
The flowers on my crocheted beanie I got from a tutorial on Thanks Lisa :)
I'm so glad to have two more UFO's finally finished.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Charm square BOM Block one for me.....

This is the gorgeous blcok my partner Trish made for me in this swap.On further investigation I foundd that she had sewn it together by hand not machine!! WOW,fantastic effort.Thanks for being my swap partner Trish :)
I'm using a charm pack called Nostalgia for my blocks and can't wait to see what my other partners make with all the other charm squares I sent of to them.I suppose I'll just have to be patient.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mystery Charm square BOM....

I've joined in another fun swap on the craft forum I belong to and let me tell you I was having a panic attack trying to match the points up for the first block!! The block is called double pinwheel and boy did I sweat cutting it out and putting it together.
There are ten blocks in this BOM and the final block I make for myself and the other nine participants each sent there other nine blocks off to the wild blue yonder in the hope that when they returned to their owners from their alloted month they would come back a finished 6 1/2" block.
I was sweating and panicing because you only get the alloted squares and background square/s and that's it,no room for mistakes so a few of us girls doing this BOM decided to do a mock block using other fabric to test it and this is what I did but it still didn't stop the hear palpitations when you go to cut into the other persons fabrics lol.
Anyway I hope Toni-Marie likes her block and doesn't mind the sweat stain marks heheheheh.

Friday, May 7, 2010

I've been a bit busy lately.....

I've been working on a few things over the last couple of months in the sewing room and thought I would show you some before shots of my very messy sewing room.I must admit this is the messiest I've ever let it get!
I'm planning on changing the blue and white gingham curtains around my tables with a lovely plain green trimmed with a white spot on a red background and then decorate the green with appliqur flowers made from some of my most favourite fabric.....very ambitious I suppose but I want my sewing room to be bright and cheerful.
I'm also going to be painting the built-in bookcase white and papering all my magazine holders with some pretty papers I picked up from spotlight.
The green pantry looking cabinet was made by my grandfather and I just replaced the mesh with a calico curtain and painted then sanded it back to reveal the cream underneath on parts of it.
I still have a long way to go,but I'll get there eventually.

Look what I won on Maree's blog.....

I entered Maree's blog giveaway ( and this week a lovely box arrived in the mail for me.I have been spoilt rotten! My gorgeous parcel contained a handmade doorstop in the most lovely fabric,sublime lavender smelling soap,a mixtape book and a humungous stack of charm squares and some very yummy Belegian Chocolates which haven't lasted long lol.
Thanks Maree for hosting such a lovely giveaway :) Barb.