Thursday, December 31, 2009

Final Finish for 2009!

This bag is my last finish for 2009.I hope to be able to use it next year to take as my shopping bag when I do my Christmas shopping.I'm sure I'll feel very festive everytime I use it and I think it's soooo much nicer than one of those green reusable bags...don't you think?

More Christmas Basket gifts.....

Today I've been working on a few draw string bags for my neices Kayla and Sarah and my great neice Connie.Over the coming year I'll be buying little bits and bobs to fill up these bags to suit the individual girls ages,likes and dislikes.I've also personalised each bag with their initials.I just neeed to buy some cord for the ties and they're finished.
Hopefully by next Christmas they'll be over-flowing with goodies.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Christmas box is starting to fill up....

I thought I'd start making Christams gifts early for next year and put aside in a special handmade Christams basket.I took photo's of these projects that I've been working on over the last couple of days and have now found their new home in it.
The red and white mini cushion I made using the scraps from the Valentine Pennie Pockets I've been working on.
The mini handbag I made by using up the leftover charm squares I'd used for my sewing machine mat and cover,then I used the leftover strips from the bag to make up the mini cushion to go with it.I've been trying to use what's in my stash and I think I succeeded with these two proects.
Hopefully by November next year the basket will be over flowing and I may need to buy another basket???? Here's hopeing!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Valentine Pennie Pockets

Finally I've managed to make one of these up.I fell in love with these pockets when I saw them on the Moda bake site but until now haven't had a chance to cut out the material let alone have enough time to make one up!! Today I had a cutting marathon and cut out enough for eight of thses Pennie Pockets but couldn't wait to finish one to see how it looked all made up.I think it turned out really well so tomorrow I'll hopefully make up the rest and put them in my "Handmade" Christmas box ready for Christmas gifts in 2010.
I know,I know it's waaaay to early to be thinking of Christmas but hey what can I say,I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! hehehehe.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Quick Christmas swap......Thanks Lyn

I joined in a quick Christams swap a little while back and my partner has received what I sent her and was very happy with what I'd sent her (thank goodness)These delightful goodies are what I received from my very generous partner Lyn.I think I've been spoilt and even my baby "Belle" was spoilt with a mat for her food bowls and munchies to keep her happy for quite a while!! Thanks Lyn I hope you enjoyed this swap as much as I have.
I'll also apologise to you Lyn for not posting earlier but with Christmas fast approaching and migraines nearly every day I haven't been up to facing my computer screen for too long at a time.So belated thanks for a wonderful surprise and I hope you and your family "Digger" included of course have a safe and happy Christmas and a fantastic new year.