Sunday, January 31, 2010're seeing double!

I showed my sister Anne the book bag I made and she requested one for her birthday (which is in July) so I got to work today and made another bag using another of my red waffle tea towels I picked up from spotlight for $1 each......what a bargain they've been!!
So Anne your bag's made but which one is going to be yours??? Well I have to have at least one surprise for your birthday don't I.So sister dear you're going to have to wait a few months to find that out.That's if I don't just give it to you next time I see you lol.

Look what I won!!!....doing the happy dance.

Isn't this bucket so pretty and the fabric scrummy!! I was lucky enough to leave the 500th comment on Cath's blog ( a little while ago and received an email from her saying I'd won.I didn't know she was doing a giveaway as it was a secret one!
I'm still trying to decide to what to use the bucket for but for the moment I'm just enjoying looking at it and marvelling at the talent this lady has.
Thanks Cath for the lovely surprise and if you want to see more of Cath's creation,which are devine pop over to her blog and check them out.I also have her blog listed on my blog roll if it's easier for you to just click on it to take you there.
Have fun exploring her beautiful blog,you wont be dissapointed!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More finishes for 2010.....

I finally finished the last three blocks for the Bunny Hill BOM (12 months of baskets) I was working on last year!Now I have to go fabric hunting to find that just right fabric to put it together....Oh bother another shopping trip for fabric,what a hardship that will be :)

I've also just finished another block for the Breast of Friends BOM I was working on last year.Only four more to go with this BOM and then I will have in total four BOM's to put together sometime over this year.Wish me luck I think I'm going to need it!

The good thing about finishing all these blocks is now I can start working on the new BOM's that are out for this year with a clear conscience :)

Mmmmm......ginger fluff sponge!

I haven't made one of these since home ecc classses in High School and let me tell you that's a veeeerrry long time ago.My sister Anne gave me the recipe for my grandma's ginger fluff sponge and I killed it!! It was not light and fluffy like a sponge is supposed to be and resembled a stodgy madeira cake :( Off course after talking to Anne I realised I shouldn't have used the electric mixer as I beat all the air out of the poor thing! So I tried the other recipe she gave me and this is how it turned out.......way much better! Of course I've hidden the dip in the top of the cake (due to taking it out sooner than I should have even though I was following the baking time in the instructions) You should have seen my face when I saw it caving in!So next time and yes there will be a next time I'll turn the oven to 190 instead of 200 and time it for 30 min's not the 10-15 min's it had me baking it for this one.As you can see I loooove cream and I'm already taste testing it and let me tell you even with the dip in the top it certainly tastes like grandma's ginger fluff sponge :)
Now that I've gained some experience and knowledge in making sponges I'll try making my grandma's one again as she made the BEST ginger fluff sponge!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A couple of finishes for 2010........

I've decided that 2010 is going to be my year of finishes.It doesn't mean I wont start anything new though lol. A couple of weeks ago I sarted finishing of these two cushions.I'd started them late last year but as usual got to the nearly finished stage and put them aside....
The Christmas cushion is for me and the only thing I need to do for it now is make a calico insert for it and then it's done.The heart cushion is going to a special person this Christmas and is now residing in my Christmas basket.
I'm getting really excited now as my Christmas basket is slowly but surely starting to fill up!!Watch this space for more finishes in the coming weeks......

Saturday, January 23, 2010

January Tea towel Challange.What do you think???

Jenny over at Elefantz posted a january challange on her blog and the only stipulation was it had to involve a tea towel (or two) and be finished by january 31st.I already had five lovely waffle weave tea towels I'd recently purchased from Spotlight for $1 each so I was already halfway there with the challange.
After much thought and a bit of procrastination I decided to accept the challange and voila I now have my very own personalised bag to use when I go to the library.
I designed the flower stitchery myself as well as the bag and all up it took me a few hours today from start to end to get it all done.
Guess where I'm off to tomorrow with my new bag? You guessed it I'm off to the library to test out my new bag!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Shabby roses BOM.....All the blocks are finished!

Finally finished all the blocks for the Shabby Roses BOM I was working on last year.Now to find the material to make it into a quilt just for ME! I'm thinking I'll stitch a couple of the blocks again and make them into cushions to go with the quilt,what do you think?
I love how they all look dreamy :)

If you'd like to make up this quilt Jenny has it available for sale now on her etsy store.Just click on jenny's blog (elefantz) on my blog roll or the "Boutique BOM" button and then click on her etsy button and before you know it you too will have a lovely Shabby Roses Quilt.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


The Christmas tree hexie is the beautiful one that Ondrea made for me on my craft forum swap.Isn't it gorgeous and it will sooo go well with all the other lovely hexies I've received in this swap.
The angel hexie(a Bronwyn Hayes stitchery)is the one I made for Ondrea.Ondrea wnated her hexie to be made in blue and cream and because I knew Ondrea loved angels I decided to do one for her in blue.
I'm so enjoying this swap and can't wait till i can put all my hexies together!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Look at what I'm thinking of doing next!

I haven't done much crochet lately but on a trip to Spotlight today I spotted this book and couldn't resist buying it,of course the 30% 0ff had nothing to do with it mind you lol.
I've been tossing around ideas on how to save myself some money as well as the environment at the same time and this was one of the directions I've been looking in except most of the patterns I've seen have been for just knitted dish cloths and a knitter I'm not (except for the basics).I've been looking at other blogs and how they're trying to reduce waste and save money and thought I might start my new adventure with these crocheted dish cloths,what do you think??
Maybe I could swap with someone who wants a couple of my crocheted ones for a couple of their knitted ones,any takers? Of course I'll have to practice first as I've only had a chance to flick through the book today.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

on my heart BOM.....Now how will I put them together

Finally I've finished stitching the last two blocks of Vicki's free BOM that she was running last year.Now all I need to decide is how I'll put it together......any ideas?