Sunday, February 24, 2013

FNSI Update & More Mill Rosie pictures.....

 This is what I worked on Friday night,I finally decided to make it into a cushion.I love how it's turned out :)
 Shez and I always do a one on one swap at each Mill Rosie get together and this is what I made for her this time a Natalie Lymer stitchery made into a wall canvas,I think by the look on Shez's face she liked it :) Our next swap is going to be by designer Anni Downs.
 This is what Shez made me in our swap,gorgeous isn't it :) I love lady birds and then to have it teamed with red.white and aqua just made my day! Thanks for swapping with me Shez,I can't wait to see what we come up with for our June meet up :)
 I also got to meet up with Cheryl my swap partner from last years Santa Sack swap,was totally surprised as a few of the other girls knew she was coming but kept it secret from me.Cheryl and I have been talking about doing a one on one swap as well since Christmas and this was the perfect opportunity to organise it.I love these personal swaps with very special friends :)
 This is Tracee and the Lucky dip item I made for our swap this month.I think she looks happy to have plucked it out of the bag :)
 Here's a close up of the cushion,I almost kept it for myself lol......
 This is the quiet table from L to R....Melody,Christine & Cheryl......I was sitting near Cheryl taking these pic's
 More of the quiet table L to R Sharon,Shez & Rosalie....
 and this is what I had for lunch on the day,was truely a funny sight when all the cameras started coming out to take pic's of all the diferent lunches lol.....
 Sharon spoilt me with a lovely bag of goodies,the choccies are long gone,they were eaten on the way back home lol and my baushka doll is now sitting on a shelf in my sewing room.Thanks Sharon I loved it all!
 Christine also surprised me with a name badge for me and all the founding members of the Mill Rosie girls.....isn't it gorgeous! Thanks Christine,I've never been a founding member before and quite honoured to be one of such a fabulous group of ladies :)
Shez also gave me a bag full of goodies,a zuchinni & home made pickles which I'll show a pic of after the 8th of March when I'm allowed to open them up lol, Mmmmm biscuits with cheese,ham and home made pickles what could be more perfect :) Thanks Shez..not long to wait now.
Here is a final picture of all the Rosalie Quinlan swap items all together,not one was a double up truely amazing......I can't wait for June to arrive so I can get together again with such an amazing bunch of ladies :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cooking,swaps and sunrises......

 I had a go at making Christine's yummy choc chip biscuits with her secret ingrediant and let me tell you they are DELISH!! a box of them went to hubby's friends house who was visiting for him and his wife to enjoy but the rest are sitting here tempting me to have a couple for breakfast with my morning coffee lol......
 I'm participating in the traditional 9 patch swap and here are my 14 blocks ready to be put away till send off later in the year,now to get to with cutting up the strips for next months blocks so I'm not as late getting them done as I was this month.....
 These are the gorgeous fat 1/4's and embelishments I received from Lyndell in the fat 1/4 swap I'm in,just gotta love roses on fabric,thanks Lyndell for being my swap partner this month :)
 and this is what i sent off to Lyndell,I nearly didn't send them as I fell in love with the colours but thought I'd better be good and make sure she does actually receive something in return :)
 I've also re-joined the framed hexie swap on my craft forum and my theme is red and white and Christmas (surprise,surprise lol) and this is what Sue came up with....isn't it lovely! I soooo love anything Chrissy related and santa does look very pleased with himself.Thanks Sue I love him and have started a new collection for this years hexie's :)
 This is the hexie I made for Sue,the only thing Sue wanted was that it went with blue so that left me a lot of scope and since I was baking I decided to make her a blue cupcake lol.....I hope she likes it as I'll be sending it off to her today :)
I couldn't resist taking a photo of the sunrise on my way to work a little while ago and thought you'd like to see how orange the sun looked so early in the morning,it looked even more fluro than the photo is showing on the morning I took it.
I have been working on a few secret swap items lately so no photo's to show yet but I have finished a couple of things and will do another post soon with pic's of these soon.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mill Rosie meet up no:3

 This is the group outside the now famous RED DOOR......happy looking bunch aren't we :)
 Christine received a gorgeous bunch of fabric roses made up from Rosalie Quinlan fabrics and a yummy box of roses choclates from Sharon in our swap.
 Sharon received this lovely Rosalie Quinlan cushion made by Sue,love the colours in this cushion!
 Here's Shez showing us the lovely framed stitchery made by Cheryl
 Marins showing of her lovely French general bag that Melody made for the swap
 and here's me showing of my very yummu smelling (lavender) Wall hanging made by Christine....thanks Christine I love it and already have it hanging in my loungeroom :)
 Tracee looking very pleased....phew,wipes sweat of swap item I made for this months lucky dip....May just need to make one for myself as I had a hard time parting with it
And a surprise visit by Cheryl who was my lovely swap partner in last years Santa Sack swap,it was soooo good to catch up with her!! Here she is looking very happy with her wall hanging made by Tracee.
I've been trying to upload photo's  from this meet up for a blog post since Sunday but bloggers been playing silly and not letting me so fingers crossed it works this time....I'll do another post with more photo's of our Mill Rosie get together soon :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

FNWF results....

 This Friday night saw me working on some more of these crocheted squares and going to spottie today to buy enough wool to start working on the final 2 rounds for each square.....told you I couldn't resist making another one and I think I have enough leftover wool to make a small knee rug for the back of our sofa,something springlike to huddle under on those cold wintry nights ahead.
I also found myself working on this stitchery when my hands started to protest with too much crocheting,it's slowly coming together :)
I'm off to investigate all the other bloggers who participated in this event and try to do a bit more baking as well,beef stew is simmering on the stove top,the cornish pasties are nearly ready to come out of the oven to be replaced with a zuchinni slice and then finally some white chocolate & cranberry biscuits to finish off with.....not much happening with the craft but the baking's getting done to restock the freezer again for when I'm doing a late shift at work :)