Tuesday, August 19, 2008

#56 doll swap '08

Today I finally opend my doll from TrishJ and she is beautiful.She is wearing a summer dress in blues and yellows,my favourite colours.I love the way Trish has done her hair,I must try doing it this way for a different look.The only thing is I think she is silently screaming for a face so I hope you don't mind Trish if I draw one on for her.Oh,and by the way I liked the name you gave her "Missy" I think that's what she'll be when she gets a mouth to talk with....a bit of a Miss!!
She's very tired from hitch hiking from your place to mine so I'll let her settle in before I make any major changes.

The doll I sent Trish is an Angel doll and I hope she keeps a watch over you and your family for many years to come....
Thankyou for being my swap partner,I've enjoyed every minute of it.