Friday, October 16, 2009

Christmas Stitchery BOM......all together now!

Finally the day is bright enough for me to take a photo of Gail Pan's BOM I've been working on.I finished putting all the sashing on last Sunday but I'm still undecided on how to complete it??? I'm thinking of maybe some small stitcheries or vines winding through the sashings or maybe some suffolk puffs at strategic points?? mmmm I'll ponder on it a while before I make a final decision.What do you think would look good?


Mistea said...

It is looking good already - I guess some vines randomly around the sashing could add another dimension to the quilt. The stitcheries look gorgeous. Yay for Christmas!

Diane H said...

Hi Barb, I agree some stitchery on the white would look wonderful.
I've made three of these BOM's. One all deep red,one green & red blocks and lastly all multiple christmas print blocks. Today I start sashing them and I'm kinda stumped too. Once I've had my coffee and get my fabric's laid out maybe.... Want to come over?

Diane H said...

Next on the list of blogs I follow was Jenny's finished quilt:

Thought you may want to see it.