Monday, June 1, 2009

Peg Bag Swap....

Boy I think I'm getting addicted to swaps cos I enterd another one!
I've always loved the idea of a peg bag but I'd never made one so when a swap for one was posted on the craft forum I'm a member off I jumped on the peg wagon.

The first picture is the peg bag made for me by Jenny and I think it's devine and now hangs proudly in my laundry room keeping all my unruly pegs under control and contained.I absolutely love the fact that Jenny has decorated the bottom of the bag with prarie points!

I couldn't find a peg bag pattern I toatally liked so I made up my own design and then used a chook house applique to decorate the front.
I had a little giggle when I saw on jenny's blog that she'd bought a laundry helper ( a doll ) and the dress was made with the same material I'd chosen to make her peg bag in.

Thank you for being my swap partner Jenny and I hope we can be swap partners again in the future.


Bluebell said...

I love the peg bags they are nice to make and these are so special. You do appear to be addicted to this swapping business but so what as long as you enjoy it. Happy days.

Debs said...

Beautiful peg bags. Your laundry will look great with a lovey peg bag to hold all those pegs Barb.